PHILLIPS Family Tree

George PHILLIPS, a career soldier, married Clare Jane THOMPSON, children:

  1. ? PHILLIPS 

Next Generation

? PHILLIPS married ? COATES, children : 

  1. James

It is said that Clara Jane Thompson Phillips is buried in Old Delhi.  Other relatives in India included the SILVESTER family.

  Frank D. Mayberry 


My mother was born in Calcutta in 1920 to Marie C. Thurman HOOD (daughter of Catherine O'Connor-Byrne and Edgar Moore HOOD) and a Mr. PHILLIPS (first name unknown).  Her mother had a second husband named Edgar Moore Hood.  My mother took Mr. Hood's name.  She has a half-sister Valentine HOOD who lives in the U.S. and a half-brother named Edgar Thurman HOOD who was adopted-out while he was still an infant.  Their mother Marie C. Thurman Hood died two weeks after giving birth to her son.  My mother and sister have no idea what happened to their brother.  The adoption was private and apparently there are no records.  My mother attend school near Darjeeling in Kalimpong at the convent school of St. Joseph D'Cluny.  We would love to find someone who might have known her family or have some idea what happened to her brother.  We can be reached at  I appreciate any assistance.  Priscilla Dunklee TRASK, St. Louis, Missouri 


Freany PHILLIPS  married Gerard Joseph SHAFTON -two children, 

  1. Martina Shafton
  2. Angelina Shafton


info from Rita Phillips 

John Francis Phillips, resident of Candy, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), had come to Ceylon from Surrey, England,  married Rose AMAL, children:

  1. George PHILLIPS
  9. Reginald Duncan PHILLIPS
  11. Sydney PHILLIPS

Next Generation

Reginald Duncan PHILLIPS married  Petronilla Josephine ROSARIO, children:

  1. George Benedict PHILLIPS (decd. George was a member of the Indian Army until his demise due to a motor cycle accident in  New Delhi.)
  2. Vincent Joseph PHILLIPS (born Sept. 08, 1928) resident in Canada.
  3. Roland PHILLIPS, resident in Australia


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