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Linda PRATT (did most of my schooling in Dr. Graham's Homes, Kalimpong but was also in St. Paul's Scott Lane, St. Thomas'
Kidderpore and Free School Street, Frank Anthony's Calcutta and for a short time in Mount Hermon, Darjeeling ) married
Malcolm JOHNSON (also studied at Dr. Graham's), children:

  1. Tanya Johnson

  2. Kirsty Johnson


(Info supplied by Dennis de LIMA)

Leonard Horace PRATT married Marjorie Mary BARBOSA (born 5/4/1916, Calcutta, died 1978 Nacton, Suffolk UK), on 27/12/1938 in Jubbelpore, children :

  1. Kenneth Pratt (born 7/11/1939, Jubbelpore),

  2. Margaret Pratt (born 23/1/1942, Jubbelpore),

  3. Gwendolene Marjorie Pratt (born 9/10/1943, Jubbelpore),

  4. Pamela Pratt (born 21/9/1945, Jubbelpore, died 1981, Eye, Suffolk UK).

Next Generation

Gwendolene Marjorie PRATT married Dennis William de LIMA (born 14 July 1938 in Karachi) on 20/4/1968 in Kesgrave, Suffolk, children :

  1. Rachel Clare de Lima (2/6/1969),

  2. Alan William de Lima (25/7/1971 Ipswich Maternity Home, Wingfield Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK),

  3. Steven Edward de Lima (11/6/1974 Hartismere Hospital, Eye Suffolk, UK),

  4. Katy Ruth de Lima (b. 3 June 1981, Ipswich Hospital, Heath Road Wing, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK..)

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