ROACH Family Tree

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info from Derrick ROACH

?? ROACH married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Thomas Roach (b 1899)

Next Generation

Joseph Thomas ROACH (b 1899) widowed, at 34yrs on 21 Jun 1933 in Bina, married 24yr Elizabeth Mary FERNANDEZ, (b 1909 daughter of Francis Fernandez) children:

  1. Vernon Roach

Next Generation

Vernon ROACH married Cunega D'COSTA, children:

  1. Derrick Roach
    Melvina Roach

Next Generation

Derrick ROACH married Rene PINTO, Children:  

  1. Winonna ROACH

  2. Brenessa ROACH

Melvina ROACH married Mario NORONHA, Children:

  1. Michelle NORONHA

  2. Melissa NORONHA


Info supplied by Diana Morris

?? ROACH married ??, children:

  1. Margaret Roach

Next Generation

Margaret ROACH married Stephen Philip MORRIS, children:

  1. Beata Morris

  2. Walburgh Morris

  3. Dunstan Morris

  4. Edmund Morris


info supplied by Lester Jacob

?? ROACH married ??, children:

  1.  Lillian Roach

Next Generation

Lillian ROACH married Prosper PEREIRA, children : 

  1. Margaret (Dinky) PEREIRA, 

  2. Donald PEREIRA, 

  3. Rex PEREIRA

Charlie ROACH married Mildred PEREIRA, children :

  1. Emily ROACH, 

  2. Florence ROACH, 

  3. Sheila ROACH.

Next Generation

Emily (Peggy) ROACH married Bobby WATHERSPOON.


Florence (Flo) ROACH married Stanley EDWARDS.


Sheila ROACH married Percy FERNANDEZ.



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