SAMUEL Family Tree

with links to British India

info from

?? SAMUEL married ??, children:

  1. Arthur Samuel

Next Generation

Arthur SAMUEL married Jean SHEPHARD, children:

  1. Peter Samuel (studied at St. Peter High School, Mazagaon, Bombay - 1980, living in Canada)
  2. Judy Samuel (studied at St. Peter High School, Mazagaon, Bombay)
  3. Bernard Samuel (Bunno) (studied at St. Peter High School, Mazagaon, Bombay


info from Jenny RODRIGUES (nee THOMPSON) 

?? SAMUEL married ??, children:

  1. Delphine Samuel

Next Generation

Delphine SAMUEL married Leonard RODRIGUES of Chakradhapur, children:

  1. Gordon Anthony RODRIGUES


?? SAMUEL married ??, children:

  1. Kay Samuel (studied at Loreto Day, Dharamtalla)

Next Generation

Kay SAMUEL (studied at Loreto Day, Dharamtalla) married ?? THOMPSON


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