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?? SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. William Scanlon

Next Generation

William SCANLON (b 1802) at 25yrs on 24 Apr 1827 in Saugor Bengal married 19yr Elizabeth WITHALL (b 1808)



info from Debbie Mills

?? SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Scanlon

Next Generation

Thomas SCANLON married Christine HALGE (b 1924)- Children:

  1. Lorraine Scanlon


?? SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. Martin Scanlon

Next Generation

Martin SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. Louisa Scanlon

Next Generation

Louisa SCANLON on 5 Jul 1865 at Kidderpore married Jonathan Crowther THORPE (son of James THORPE)



?? SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. John Scanlon

Next Generation

John SCANLON on 7 May 1849 in Cawnpore married Ellen Curran ?? (daughter of James Mugra), children:

  1. Emma Jane Scanlon (b 1870)

  2. James Martin SCANLON (b 1875, d 28 Aug 1928 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Emma Jane SCANLON (b 1870) at 24yr on 19 Oct 1894 in Bombay married 27yr Robert WRIGHT (b 1867 son of Robert Wright)


James Martin SCANLON (b 1875, d 28 Aug 1928 Calcutta) at 35yrs on 11 Oct 1910 in Deesa Bombay, married Florence Emma WHITEHOUSE (d 17 Jan 1914 Calcutta, daughter of James Ernest Whitehouse), children:

  1. Vera Alice Scanlon (b 1910)

James Martin SCANLON (b 1875, d 28 Aug 1928 Calcutta) widowed, in his 2nd marriage married Anna Ursula ? (b 1891, d 6 Aug 1929 Calcutta)


Next Generation

Vera Alice SCANLON (b 1910) at 16yrs on 12 Jul 1926 at Kalka married 30yr George Ernest MOODY (b 1896, son of Ernest Moody)



?? SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. James Scanlon

Next Generation

James SCANLON married Mary Anne ?, children:

  1. John Scanlon (b 1856, d 28 Feb 1857 Secunderabad)


?? SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. John William Scanlon

Next Generation

John William SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. Ellen Maria Scanlon (b 1867)

  2. William Thomas Jeremiah Scanlon (b 1868, d 2 Jun 1916 Mercara)

  3. Philip John Scanlon (b 1874)

  4. Richard Mark Scanlon (b 1875)

Next Generation

Ellen Maria SCANLON (b 1867) at 35yrs on 8 Jan 1902 married 42yr widow Joseph TAVAGRAM (b 1860 son of Joseph Tavagram)


William Thomas Jeremiah SCANLON (b 1868) at 31yrs on 28 Jun 1899 in Vizag married 28yr Esther WILTSHIRE (b 1871, d 20 Oct 1903 Palamcottah, Madras, daughter of John Stephen Wiltshire), children:

  1. John Redven William Scanlon (b 26 Feb 1900 Vizag Madras)


William Thomas Jeremiah SCANLON(b 1868, d 2 Jun 1916 Mercara) widowed, at 40yrs on 14 Oct 1908 in Ooty married 28yr Eva Constance COPCUTT  (b 1880 daughter of George Copcutt)


Philip John SCANLON (b 1874) at 32yrs on 27 Jun 1906 in Rangoon married Jane Ann ARATHOON (b 1877, d 10 May 1907 Chittagong, daughter of Adolphus Aloysius Arathoon)


Philip John SCANLON (b 1874) widowed, at 34yrs on 9 Dec 1908 in Rangoon married 20yr Nora OWEN (b 1888 daughter of Thomas Owen)


Richard Mark SCANLON (b 1875) at 29yrs on 2 Mar 1904 at Port Blair (Andaman Islands) married 19yr Edith Margaret BONNAR (b 1885 daughter of Edwin Bonnar)



?? SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Philip Scanlon

Next Generation

Thomas Philip SCANLON married Mary Margaret ??, children:

  1. Mary Josephine Scanlon (b1886)

Next Generation

Mary Josephine SCANLON (b 1886) at 19yrs on 26 Jul 1905 in Rajamundry married 23yr Henry ATKINS (b 1882 son of George & Ellen Atkins)



?? SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. Dennis Michael Scanlon

Next Generation

Dennis Michael SCANLON married ?, children:

  1. Richard William Scanlon (b 1898)

  2. Patrick Philip Scanlon (b 1900)

Next Generation

Richard William SCANLON (b 1898) at 29yrs on 31 Oct 1927 in Rangoon married Irene Gertrude HANN (b 1901 daughter of William Gustavus Hann)


Patrick Philip SCANLON (b 1900) at 22yrs on 2 Oct 1922 in Bassein, Bengal married 26yr Olga Lsoline BOOG (b 1896 daughter of John Boog)



info from Kenny Scanlon

?? SCANLON married ??, children:

  1. Harry Scanlon

Next Generation

Harry Scanlon married Eunice GAUGHAN, They had 7 children

  1. Patrick Scanlon

  2. David Scanlon

  3. Kenneth Scanlon

  4. Christine Scanlon

  5. Pamela Scanlon

  6. Tony Scanlon

  7. Cynthia Scanlon

Next Generation
Patrick Scanlon married Jeanne BRIGGS, children:

  1. Jackie Scanlon

  2. Francis Scanlon

David Scanlon married Laureen ? and they have two children:

  1. Bradley Scanlon

  2. Michelle Scanlon

Kenneth Scanlon married Valerie Monisse and they have a daughter named:

  1. Natalie Scanlon

Christine Scanlon married Derrick Fernandez and they have a son:

  1. Grenville

Pamela Scanlon married Melroy Mantel and they have two daughters:

  1. Melissa

  2. Amanda

Tony Scanlon married Avril Newbigging

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