SHAW Family Tree

with links to British India


info from Trevor Shaw

?? SHAW married ??, children:

  1. Edward George Shaw (born in early 1900's)

Next Generation

Edward George Shaw (born in early 1900's) married Teresa SMITH still living in Bhusawal India. Children:

  1. Carol Shaw

  2. Bernard Shaw (born Jan 17th 1947 died 27th July 1998)

  3. Eileen Shaw

  4. Tiny Shaw

  5. Gene Shaw

Next Generation

Carol Shaw married Johnny Strentz settled in the UK

Bernard Shaw (born Jan 17th 1947 died 27th July 1998) married Adrienne Hoogwerf both from Bhusawal India (now residing in Melbourne Australia), Children:

  1. Wendy Shaw

  2. Trevor Shaw

  3. Wayne Shaw

Eileen Shaw married Sinclair Fernandes

Gene Shaw married Anne Domingo


info from

?? SHAW married ??, children:

  1. Colin William Shaw

Next Generation

Dr Colin William SHAW (served as Captain in the Indian Army, d 28/3/1975) married Maureen Edith ROZE (b Sholapur, d 4/12/2000 Canberra), They shifted to the Nilgiris where Colin got a job as Medical Officer in Lawrence School Lovedale. From there the family shifted to Craigmore Tea Estate and later on to Katary Tea Estate where Colin worked as a Medical Officer. Family migrated to Australia in January 1971. children:

  1. Glenn Shaw

  2. Cherie Shaw

  3. Jacqueline Shaw

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