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Alfred Edward SILVER (b 1876, d 24 Jul 1925 Bombay) married Matilda Sophia ??, children:

  1. Albert Austin Silver (b 1888)

  2. Adolphus Armstrong Silver (b 12 Oct 1903 Bombay)

  3. Dorothy Sophia Silver (b 6 Oct 1905 Maragon, Bombay)

  4. Charles Douglas Havelock Silver (b 27 May 1909 Byculla Bombay)

  5. Jane Silver (b 1914, d 6 Jun 1914 Sewri, Bombay)

Next Generation

Albert Austin SILVER (b 1888) at 26yrs on 17 Jan 1914 in Bombay married 18yr Melrose Grace HEIGURT (b 1896 daughter of Charles Heigurt), children:

  1. Adelaide Gertrude SILVER (born about 1916)

  2. Connell Edward Silver (b 1921, d 18 Jul 1921 Bombay)

Dorothy Sophia SILVER (b 6 Oct 1905 Maragon, Bombay) at 19yrs on 16 Dec 1925 married 26yr Robert TAYLOR (b 1899 son of Willie Taylor)


Next Generation

Adelaide Gertrude SILVER (born about 1916) married Charles D'Oyly JAMIESON. bachelor, engineer, Oxford Chambers, Clare Road, Byculla (born 5 Apr 1903 in Calcutta, Baptism: 3 Jun 1903, Calcutta, Emigration: 1966, Emigrated to Australia, died 10 Jun 1997 in Sydney, Australia)  on  9 Feb 1943 in The Scots Kirk, Bombay, India. Witnesses: John Alfred VAZ, Hector John VAZ and Milrose Grace Silver. Minister: Duncan Tait Hutchinson McLellan. The Scots Kirk, Bombay

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James SILVER married Isabell CAREY, children:

  1. James Greig Silver (b 21 Sep 1843, d 31 Oct 1888 West Ham, Essex)

Next Generation

James Greig SILVER (b 21 Sep 1843, d 1888 West Ham, Essex) married Jane DUNCAN, children:

  1. Mary Ann Silver (b 12 Jun 1863 Logie-Pert, Angus, Scotland)

James Greig SILVER (b 21 Sep 1843, d 1888 West Ham, Essex) on 17 Mar 1865 at Logie-Pert, Angus, Scotland married Elizabeth LOWSON, (resident at Mile End Old Town, London, Middlesex as per 1881 census) children:

  1. James Lowson Silver (b 28 Jul 1865 Logie-Pert, Angus, Scotland)

  2. Isabella Carrie Silver (b 14 Nov 1866 Montrose, Angus, Scotland)

  3. William Gordon Silver (b 9 Dec 1868 Montrose, Angus, Scotland)

  4. David Lowson Silver (b 2 Dec 1870 Airth, Stirling, Scotland)

  5. Albert Horton Silver (b 1875)

  6. Robert Silver

  7. Alexander Silver

  8. Christina Silver

Next Generation

Albert Horton SILVER (b 1875) at 22yrs on 6 Dec 1897 in Cawnpore married 21yr  Mary Ann DUCKWORTH, (b 1876 daughter of James Duckworth) children:

  1. Alice May Silver (b 1901)

  2. Albert James Silver (b 12 Jul 1902 Cawnpore)

Next Generation

Alice May SILVER (b 1901) at 23yrs on 19 Jan 1924 in Cawnpore married 35yr Bertram WEST (b 1889 son of Atherton West)


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