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Im interested in connecting with anyone who knows details of my great grandfather (Adolf Spitteler) and his family. I understand Adolf married a Mrs Preston around 1871 and had 3 sons Alfred, Charles & John. Charles was my grandfather. I was born in Bangalore in 1944 and left Bombay (with parents and brother) on the 5th of August 1947. Im particularly interested in information relating to my great grandmother. Brian Spitteler brian@shevaroys.com.au

My paternal great grandfather fathered 4 children, including Henry, Daisy (married name Spitteler 10 children), Violet (married name Batty 3 daughters) and 1 other. It seems he may have been a Welshman who was involved in tea plantation, possibly in Wayanad (while the family lived in Cannanore). Great grandmother was of mixed heritage. Does anyone have links? Brian Spitteler brian@shevaroys.com.au


? SPITTELER married ?, children:

  1. Adolf Spitteler

Next Generation

Adolf SPITTELER married ?? PRESTON around 1871, children:

  1. Alfred Spitteler

  2. Charles Spitteler

  3. John Spitteler

Next Generation

Alfred SPITTELER married Louisa Emma ?, children:

  1. Marjorie Spitteler (b 29 Aug 1905 Quetta, Bengal)

  2. Reginald Dore Spitteler (b 14 Oct 1906 Quetta)

  3. Harold Dore Spitteler (b 10 Jan 1910 Quetta)

       Charles SPITTELER married ??, children:

  1.  Gladys Muriel Spitteler

1.     Next Generation

Gladys Muriel SPITTELER on 11 Apr 1928 in Nellore married 25yr Henry Joseph STOOKS (b 1903, son of Charles Stooks)


?? SPITTELER married ??, children:

  1. Brian Spitteler (b 1944 Bangalore)

  2. ? Spitteler


Charles SPITTLER married Daisy ?, children:

  1. George Charles Spittler (b 27 Nov 1906 Madras)


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