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? STARR married ??, children:

  1. Richard Starr

Next Generation

Richard STARR on 7 Sep 1820 in Black Town Madras married Amelia Angelica MAYNE, children:

  1. Charles Richard Starr (b 1821, d 26 Oct 1882)

  2. John Edmond Starr (b 10 Nov 1825 Madras)

  3. William Starr (b 26 Feb 1833 Bangalore)

  4. Isabella Amelia Starr (b 4 Aug 1834 Madras)

  5. Henry Rumbold Starr (b 1840 Vepery)

Next Generation

Charles Richard STARR (b 1821, d 26 Oct 1882 Chudderghaut) at 25yrs on 23 Sep 1846 in Madras married 16yr Ada Jemima CONNOR (b 1830 daughter of Jesesnial Connor), children:

  1. Richard Jeremiah Starr (b 20 Jun 1847 Madras)

  2. Alice Jemima Starr (b 25 Nov 1850 Madras)

Next Generation

Richard Jeremiah STARR (b 20 Jun 1847 Madras) at 26yrs on 4 Sep 1873 in Sitabaldi, married 23yr Rebecca PHERRO (b 1850), children:

  1. Mary Jane Starr (b 10 Jan 1873 Sitabaldi)

  2. Ada Jeninna Starr (b 1874)

  3. Charles Richard Starr (b 28 Jan 1876 Allahabad)

  4. Ethel Maud Starr (b 18 Nov 1882 Lahore)

Alice Jemima STARR (b 25 Nov 1850 Madras) at 34yrs on 17 Sep 1884 in Chudderghaut married widowed 41yr Walter MacRonald ROWLAND (b 1843 son of William MacRonald Rowland)


Next Generation

Mary Jane STARR (b 10 Jan 1873 Sitabaldi) at 23yrs on 18 Nov 1896 in Mooltan married 26yr Charles Chilram WOOD (b 1870 son of Thomas Henry Wood)


Ada Jeninna STARR (b 1874) at 42yrs on 26 Jan 1916 in Mooltan, married 41yr widowed Morris William DORTON (b 1875 son of William Dorton)


Charles Richard STARR (b 28 Jan 1876 Allahabad) at 30yrs on 21 Feb 1906 in Mooltan, married 22yr Ethel Jane PERKINS (b 1884 daughter of Thomas Perkins), children:

  1. Alicia Marie Starr (b 1906)

Ethel Maud STARR (b 18 Nov 1882 Lahore) at 21yrs on 12 Oct 1904 on Mooltan married 28yr Gilbert Henry PERKINS (b 1876 son of George Perkins)


Next Generation

Alicia Marie STARR (b 1906) at 26yrs on 6 Jan 1932 in Karachi married 27yr Aubrey Bassington Charles TUTTON (b 1905 son of Charles Sheridon Tutton)



? STARR married ??, children:

  1. William Starr

Next Generation

William STARR married ??, children:

  1. Richard Starr (b 1858)

Next Generation

Richard STARR (b 1858) at 25yrs on 19 Sep 1883 in Pallavaram married 29yr Anne Josephine LOVERY (b 1854)

Anne Josephine STARR (nee Lovery) widow at 34yrs on 14 Aug 1886 at St Thomas Mount married widowed 55yr John McCABE (b 1831 son of John McCabe)






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