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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to locate very good friends of mine from New Delhi India during the seventies ( Steve Loughrin & Shane Stewart). If anybody knows of these lads. Please do contact me ....Peter Packiam...(



?? STEWART married ??, children:

  1. James Stewart

Next Generation

James STEWART on 6 Oct 1834 in Black Town married Rachael FRY, (b 3 Jan 1812, d 21 Jan 1837 Madras, daughter of Thomas & Grace Fry) children:

  1. Fanny Grace Stewart (b 1836 Madras, d 23 Sep 1839 Madras)


William STEWART married ??, children:

  1. William Stewart

Next Generation

William STEWART (b 1834, d 1 Jun 1889) at 24yrs on 11 Jun 1856 in Madras married 18yr Catherine LANGAN (b 1838 daughter of John Langan), children:

  1. Elizabeth Stewart (b 11 Apr 1857 St Thomas Mount)


info from Greg Morgan. Any connections with the family would be appreciated

? STEWART married ??, children:

  1. Augustus Stewart

Next Generation

Augustus STEWART married ??, children:

  1. William Molloy Stewart (b 1834, d 1 Jun 1889)

Next Generation

William Molloy STEWART (b 1834, d 1 Jun 1889) at 30yrs on 31 May 1864 in Mozufferpore married 30yr Ellen DRUMMOND, children:

  1. William Augustus Annesley Stewart (b 1 Aug 1865 Mozufferpore)

  2. Marion Drummond Stewart (b 1869)

  3. Henrietta Florence Stewart (b 5 Dec 1874 Mozufferpore)

  4. Annie Hester Stewart (b 19 Aug 1876 Mozufferpore)

Next Generation

Marion Drummond STEWART (b 1869) at 21 yrs on 19 Jul 1890 in Mussoorie married 26yr David Warm AIKMAN (b 1864 son of Andrew Aikman)


Henrietta Florence STEWART (b 5 Dec 1874 Mozufferpore) at 18yrs on 27 Dec 1892 in Mussoorie married 27yr  Sackville Hamilton BERKELEY (b. 1865 daughter of James Canen Berkeley) and raised their two sons in India.

  1. Stewart Sackville Berkeley

  2. Cyril S Berkeley in India.  


info from

Both my father's parents were Anglo-Indians. My Grandfathers name is Stewart, and my Grandmothers maiden name is Sweeney. My father was born in Jubbelpore. Anyway, I would be really interested to hear from anyone with any connections...

?? STEWART married ?? SWEENEY, children:

  1. ?? Stewart (born Jubbelpore)


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