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Do You Know ANY STUARTíS ?  I am looking for my cousins. They are the SONS of Willie and Mary Stuart who I think lived in the area CHIPADOHAR, Palmau, District,Ranchi. The last address was Biniawee McClusiegung nr Ranchi over 50 years ago! Willie Stuart died in the late 1950s or early 60. I know nothing about the Mary or her sons, would very much like to contact them. The boys had uncle called Jimmy Stuart in Assam who work in Tea and the boys went to school in Ranchi in the late 1960s. If you think you know these people Please tell them about this message. Thank You Diane Stuart


I am looking for the sons of Willy Stuart who was the son of Peter J Stuart born Scotland . Willy had 3 brothers Rudolf Ronald and James (lived in Assam ) and 1 sister Ann. Peter worked on the Railways and sadly died in 1947 in Ranchi. Willy married a lady called Mary and they had 3 sons ,2 we're told went to Australia. We have no names for the sons but they were still at school in 1965,Willy died we think of cancer in appx 1962/64  we think in the Ranchi area . If anyone can help with such little information it would be fantastic .My cousin Ann and I would love to make contact. Diane


Peter J STUART (b Scotland, worked on the Railways, d 1947 Ranchi) married ??, children:

  1. Willy Stuart (d approx 62-64)

  2. Rudolf Stuart

  3. Ronald Stuart

  4. James Stuart (lived in Assam)

  5. Ann Stuart

Next Generation

Willy STUART married Mary ??, had 3 sons (2 went to Australia)

  1.  ?

  2.  ?

  3.  ?

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