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SUM GENIUS MATHS PUZZLE in a Box (Hands on Play)

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Sum Genius

An Educational Puzzle challenging you to correctly complete all the equations using all the numbers on both sides of the 49 tiles.

Find 3 ways to get the same answer


Can you do it in under 5 minutes ?

You are some Genius if you can use all the 49 tiles to correctly complete the board!! There are over 100 combinations.

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Attention Teachers: As a Classroom activity, where 2-4 groups are formed to complete the board, Sum Genius is a fun way to:

  • Develop numeracy skills

  • Find 3 ways to achieve the same result

  • Build teamwork

  • Encourage communication

  • Improve Cognitive and Social Skills of Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Help improve memory and concentration

The tiles have numbers on both sides so you can FLIP them to have a greater choice of numbers.


Good Luck !


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Box Challenging Maths Puzzle



Boxes Challenging Maths Puzzles



Boxes Challenging Maths Puzzles



Box Easy Plus Challenging Maths Puzzles



Boxes Easy Plus Challenging Maths Puzzles



Boxes Easy Plus Challenging Maths Puzzles


NB: Easy = Addition & Subtraction only in equations

Challenging = Use of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

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Easy Puzzle = (+ and -).  Challenging = (+ - )


Playing Sum Genius is an ideal Classroom activity in groups as it helps to develop numeracy skills, communication and team building.


The task you have is to utilise the 49 tiles to correctly complete the 7 equations. You can swap and flip the tiles to reveal other numbers that should help you to your goal.


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Add Sum Genius

For Mobile Devices.


Rotate the circle to line up a number in it that will add up with the number in the descending disc to give the answer in the middle. Top Scores are shown on the Leader board. Points are awarded for different speeds.


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"In the Australian Curriculum, students become numerate as they develop the knowledge and skills to use mathematics confidently across other learning areas at school and in their lives more broadly. Numeracy involves students in recognising and understanding the role of mathematics in the world and having the dispositions and capacities to use mathematical knowledge and skills purposefully."