SWINGLER Family Tree

info submitted by Roger Smith rjmsmith@hotmail.com & Hannah-Rose Swingler  Hanahswingler@hotmail.co.uk

?? SWINGLER married ??, children:

  1. George SWINGLER

Next Generation

George SWINGLER married Ivy Joyce Doreen ?? (Vice Principal, St Thomas's Girls School, Kidderpore Calcutta), children:

  1. Barbara Swingler (lives in Australia)
  2. Trevor Swingler

Ivy Joyce Doreen SWINGLER  (Vice Principal, St Thomas's Girls School, Kidderpore Calcutta) Lucknow Cathedral, married James Harold Victor SMITH (IAF Flying Officer, d 1944). children:

  1. Roger Jocelyn Michael Smith (born 23/11/1942, Military Hospital in Lucknow).

Next Generation

Barbara SWINGLER married ?? , children:

  1. Jennifer ?? (married ?? Cliffe, has one son Cory Cliffe born 2000)
    (info from jennifer cliffe rblackborow@hotmail.co.uk )

Trevor SWINGLER  married Denise W ? , children:

  1. Hanna-Rose Swingler.

Trevor SWINGLER  also has two other children

  1. Phil
  2. Helen. Helen has two children called Amy and Lily.


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