THORNTON Family Tree

info supplied by Dorothy Mary DOWNES

Alec Arthur THORNTON married Marie Antoinette Louis BASTIEN, children : Dorothy Mary.

Dorothy Mary THORNTON married ? DOWNES

My name is Dorothy Mary DOWNES (nee Thornton). I  would like to trace my grandfather Robert Edward BASTIEN (Bastian?).  During my life in India we were always in the Punjab but my grandfather did marry a second time and I understand his second wife spent some time in Calcutta and her daughter by a previous marriage was a resident of Alcester in the UK - unfortunately I cannot remember her name.  My grandfather worked for the Post and Telegraph in Rawalpindi. He died in 1934.

I attended the Presentation Convent, Rawlpindi until 1937, spent a year at the Jesus and Mary Convent, Murree and then until 1939/40 the Cathedral School, Lahore.  My father who had then joined the forces, transferred to Karachi and apart from a year in the army school, I attended Karachi Grammar School.  In 1944 I joined the Women's Royal Indian Naval Service and served in Karachi, Bombay and Delhi.  Would love to hear from anyone from my service days. 

Dorothy Mary DOWNES (nee BASTIEN)

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