TRINDER  Family Tree

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info from Emily Trinder

Alfred Edgar DRANE-TRINDER married Sarah BIRD

  1. Dorothy Maud Trinder 

  2. Phyllis Sheila Trinder 

  3. Heather Trinder 

  4. Cynthia Trinder 

  5. Arnold Morbray Trinder

Next Generation

Dorothy Maud TRINDER married Leopold Joseph EDWARDS (Bunny):

  1. Ursula Mary Edwards 

  2. Jeffrey Morbay Peter Reginald Edwards 

  3. Jillian Kerena Edwards 

  4. Judy Edwards  

  5. Caroline Lesley Anne Edwards

Phyllis TRINDER married Claude Egbert Lochiel BAKER

  1. Daulton Baker 

  2. Derek Baker 

  3. Patricia Baker 

  4. Sally Baker 

  5. Karina Baker

Arnold Morbray TRINDER married Pamela Alice BROWN:

  1. Rosemary Trinder

  2. Rosalie Trinder

  3. Amber Trinder

  4. Michael Trinder

  5. Noel Trinder

  6. David Anthony Trinder

  7. Anne Trinder

  8. Andrea Trinder

  9. Paul Trinder

Next Generation
David Anthony TRINDER married Maryanne PAGE (b 1979):
  1. Emily Alice Tuli Trinder (b 1985)
  2. Josiah David Imran Trinder (b 1990)

Andrea A M TRINDER (b 1965 Madras) married Irving CLIVE BLUNDELL (b 1960 Perth):

1. Rebecca MARIE BLUNDELL (b 1987 Perth)

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