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?? TROUSSE married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Trousse

Next Generation

Cyril TROUSSE married Kathleen LILLYWHITE, children:

  1. Hilda Mary TROUSSE

Next Generation

Hilda Mary TROUSSE on 26th April 1943 at St Mary's church Ootacamund, married Mervyn Peter Lancelot DAVID (dob 10th July 1917) , 8 children

  1. Vivienne Olivie Marie David dob 5th Aug 1943

  2. Sarah (Sally) Evelyn Moureen David (dob  5th April 1945)

  3. Janice Elizebeth Mildred David (dob 12th Nov 1946)

  4. Eric Keith Anthony David (dob 10th June 1948

  5. Rosanne Stella Iris David (dob 18th Oct 1949)

  6. May Anrea Yvette David (dob 21st May 1952)

  7. Glen Noel Andrew David (dob 28th Dec 1958

  8. Steven Owen Clive David (dob 24th Dec 1960)

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