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Henry TUCKER married Alice ??, children:

  1. Joseph Frederick Tucker (b 1873)

  2. Mary Winifred Tucker (b 2 Jan 1889, c 27 Jan 1889 Trichinopoly)

Next Generation

Joseph Frederick TUCKER Fireman (b 1873) at 23yrs on 16 Dec 1896 in Trichinopoly married 19yr Annie Christiana DENNIS (b 1877 daughter of John David Dennis), children:

  1. Irene Mary Tucker (b 24 Oct 1897, c 11 Sep 1898 Trichinopoly)


Mary Winifred TUCKER (b 2 Jan 1889, c 27 Jan 1889 Trichinopoly) at 15yrs on 6 May 1903 in Trichinopoly married Ebenezer John DENNIS (born 1889): (14 children)

  1. Dulcie Dennis, teacher

  2. Adeline Dennis, married Richard Iliff and had 4 children, Jack Iliff, Roxy Iliff, Glenn Iliff, June Iliff

  3. Merlin Dennis, in UK

  4. Connie Dennis, in UK

  5. Anto Dennis, in Bitragunta

  6. Daisy Dennis (now dcd) married Arthur Meneaud

  7. Bridget Dennis

  8. Babsy Dennis, Nurse at GH Trichy

  9. Yvonne Dennis, in UK

  10. Teresa Dennis, nun Sister Mary Christet, Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

  11. Clemmy Dennis

  12. Ivor Dennis (born June 1963)

  13. Tommy Dennis

  14. Celine Dennis


Frederic TUCKER married ??, children:

  1. Aline Vera Tucker (b 1905)

Next Generation

Aline Vera TUCKER (b 1905) at 17yrs on 16 Jan 1922 in Dharamatala married 26yr Govt Telegraph employee Joseph Antony HOFFLAND (b 1896 son of Christopher Hoffland), children:

  1. Yvonne Magdalene Hoffland (b 17 Dec 1924, c 21 Dec 1924 Calcutta)

  2. Francis Buchanan Hoffland (b 19 Sep 1929, c 22 Sep 1929 Calcutta)

  3. Audrey Rita Hoffland (b 4 Nov 1931, c 10 Nov 1931 Calcutta)

  4. Glenda Marietta Celina Hoffland (b19 Oct 1935, c 30 Oct 1935 Lahore)



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