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Thomas WALFORD married ?, children:

  1. John Walford (b 1824)

Next Generation

John WALFORD (b 1824) at 37yrs on 2 Jan 1861 in Trichinopoly married Charlotte GARLAK (daughter of Charles Garlak), children:

  1. Ellen Jane Walford (b 1863)

John WALFORD (b 1824) widowed, at 43yrs on 25 April 1864  in Madras married 27yr widow Adelaide D'SYLVA (b 1837 nee Ferrer, daughter of Francis Ferrer), children:

  1. Amelia Mary Walford (b 1867)


Next Generation

Ellen Jane WALFORD (b 1863) at 17yrs on 29 Sep 1880 in Trichinopoly married 25yr Samuel Albert MacDONALD (b 26 Aug 1855 Vepery, d 2 Oct 1910) children:

  1. Adelaide Alberta MacDONALD(born 30/6/1881, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  2. Agnes Blanche MacDONALD(born 16/1/1883, Tiruchinoploy, India, died Perth, Australia)

  3. Albert Donald MacDONALD(born 12/5/1884, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  4. Fredrick William MacDONALD(born 7/8/1886, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  5. Ethel Jane MacDONALD(born 23/10/1888, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  6. Anne Maud Edith MacDONALD(born 14/10/1890, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  7. Martha Cristana MacDONALD(born 7/1/1893, Tiruchinopoly, India, died Madras)

  8. Samuel Eric MacDONALD(born 28/9/1894 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 6/10/1972 Perth, Australia)

  9. Leonard St.John MacDONALD(born 27/12/1896 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  10. Hubert Sinclair MacDONALD(born 23/9/1898 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  11. Edward Harold Sydney MacDONALD(born 3/11/1900 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 27/7/1967 at sea)

  12. Mable Merle MacDONALD(born 11/9/1902  Tiruchinopoly, India, died Tiruchinopoly)

Amelia Mary WALFORD (b 1867) on 30 August 1890 in Trichinopoly married John Edward SWEENEY (son of John Sweeney)


Amelia Mary SWEENEY (nee WALFORD b 1867) widow at 33yrs on 26 Jun 1901 in Vepery married widowed 42yr  Albert Samuel William ELLIS (b 1859 son of Samuel Ellis)


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