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?? WALTERS married ??, children:

  1. George Walters

Next Generation

George WALTERS on 8 sep 1810 in Fort St George, Madras, married Catherine CROCKER, children:

  1. Ann Eliza Waters (c 21 Sep 1811, Fort St George)

  2. Georgiana Frances Walters (b 1 Apr 1813 Trichinopoly)

  3. Caroline Catherine Walters (b 1815, d 3 Nov 1818 Madras)

  4. James Robert Crocker Walters (b 20 Feb 1817 Black Town, Madras)

  5. Alice Alexia Walters (b 4 Jul 1819 Madras)

  6. Catherine Waters (b 10 Oct 1822 Chittoor)


?? WALTERS married ??, children:

  1. Robert Algernon Walters

Next Generation

Robert Algernon WALTERS married Adelaide Barbara Anne ?, (b 1843, d 18 Aug 1881, age 38 Coimbatore) children:

  1. Robert Francis Walters (b 3 Jul 1865 Bangalore)

  2. Spencer De Sanmares Walters (b&d 5 Oct 1867 Bangalore)

  3. Hubert Delancey Walters (b 13 Oct 1868 Trichinopoly)


?? WALTERS married ??, children:

  1. William Nicholas Walters

Next Generation

William Nicholas WALTERS married ?, children:

  1. Nellie Elizabeth Walters (b 1886)

Next Generation

Nellie Elizabeth WALTERS (b 1886) at 17yrs on 8 Oct 1903 in Jamalpur married 23yr Joseph Loftus ODGERS (b 1880 son of Monte Elizabeth Odgers)



info from Shirley Miles  I am Shirley Miles born 01/03/1938 and married to James Walters in Calcutta on 19/02/1968.I studied in St Thomas School , Kidderpore and also worked for Ashoka Hall School as a teacher Calcutta, Worked for Industrial Gases Ltd, as a Telephone Operator and now I am in England with my husband & kids, if any of my friends and relatives want to contact me please do so. Shirley Miles


?? WALTERS married ??, children:

  1. James Walters

Next Generation

James WALTERS on 19 Feb 1968 in Calcutta married Shirley Joan Norma MILES (b 1 Mar 1938, daughter of Charles Herbert & Ethel Maria Miles)


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