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?? WINDSOR married ??, children:

  1. Audwin Thomas Windsor

Next Generation

Audwin Thomas WINDSOR married Violet Irene SMITH on 19 Jun 1916 at St Mark's, North Georgetown, Madras. Children:

  1. Noreen Phyllis Windsor (Madras, India)
  2. Harold Douglas Windsor (Madras, India)
  3. Leslie Malcolm Windsor (Madras, India)
  4. Olive May Windsor (Madras, India)
  5. Stanley Anthony Windsor (born on the 25 October 1924 in Madras India)

The family emigrated to Singapore in 1929 when my father (Stanley) was 5.

Next Generation

Stanley Anthony WINDSOR (born on the 25 October 1924 in Madras India) married Mary Kee Soo Phaik (b 15 March 1924), children:

  1. Phyllis Anne Windsor
  2. Douglas Ulric Windsor (deceased)
  3. Anne Margaret Windsor
  4. Stephen Anthony Windsor

Next Generation

Phyllis Anne Windsor married Andrew Raymond Aulder FAWCETT, Children,

  1. Aaron Michael Windsor Fawcett,
  2. Rachel Anne Windsor Fawcett

Anne Margaret Windsor married Craig PATON, Child,

  1. Mia Windsor Paton

Stephen Anthony Windsor married Patricia Wee Kim Ghek, Child,

  1. Eric Louis Stanley Windsor


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?? WINDSOR married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Vincent Windsor

Next Generation

Malcolm Vincent WINDSOR (b 20 OCTOBER 1914)  married Agnes Louisa JOHNSTONE (b 16 August 1917)  ON 24 April 1936, children:


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