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info from Kelvin Garrett-Meade <kmeade1944@hotmail.com>

?? WOOD married ??, Children.

  1. Hazel Oman WOOD (b 18/7/1892 Calcutta)

  2. Others ?

Next Generation
Hazel Oman WOOD (b 18/7/1892 Calcutta) on 20/1/1909 in Delhi, married Charles Friend PENNY (b 1883 India?, Children

  1. Gertrude Ann Penny (b 2/3/1911 Calcutta)

  2. James Charles Penny (b 24/8/1921 Calcutta)

  3. Cecila Florence Penny (b 19/11/1923 Calcutta)

  4. Ivy Penny (b c 1924 d c 1924)

  5. Beryl Adelaide Penny (b 14/8/1929 Calcutta)

Hazel Oman PENNY nee WOOD (b 1898) widowed, at 35yrs on 25 Nov 1933 in Calcutta married 40yr widowed Ivanhoe Granville GREENWAY (b 1893, son of Allan Greenway)




info from Cornelia Mary Lillywhite  deepbluec202020@yahoo.com

William WOOD married Francesca ?? , Children:

  1. Priscilla Crockford Wood (born 20 February 1838 in French Rocks near Bangalore, India and died 11 September 1888 in Bangalore, India.)

Next Generation

Priscilla Crockford WOOD (age 18yrs) on 25 June 1856 in Black Town Church, Madras, India, (daughter of William Wood and Francesca. She was born 20 February 1838 in French Rocks near Bangalore, India and died 11 September 1888 in Bangalore, India.) married John Edward LILLYWHITE Assistant Apothecary (born 7 November 1833 in Bangalore, India.) aged 22yrs
. Children of John Lillywhite and Priscilla Wood are:-

  1. William Clifford Lillywhite born March 1859 died 25 December 1861, Trichinopoly, India.

  2. Lilly Agnes Lillywhite born 19 July 1869, Burma

  3. Patrick Ralph Lillywhite, born 12 January 1871, Rangoon Cantonment, Burma N2, Vol 135 p. 54 died 6 September 1956, Hubli, India.

  4. Alice Maud Lillywhite, born 30 August 1874, Trichinopoly, India.

  5. Fanny Olivia Lillywhite, born 7 February 1867.

  6. John Edward Lillywhite, born 17 June 1866, Singapore??? Died March 1867, Singapore?


info from cspence@platinum.ca.

?? WOOD married ??, children:

  1. Walter Wood (born abt. 1840, England)

Next Generation

Walter WOOD (born abt. 1840, England) married Annie Augusta Hay McDONALD (born abt. 1852, Peshawor, West Bengal, India. Children:

  1. Ethel WOOD (born February 13, 1878, Allahabad, West Bengal, India)

  2. Fanny WOOD (born November 12, 1879, Allahabad, West Bengal, India)

  3. William WOOD (born abt. 1880, Allahabad, West Bengal, India)

  4. Edith WOOD (born September 13, 1883, Peshawur, Lahore, India)

  5. Harry WOOD (born abt. 1885, India) 6. Duncan WOOD (born abt. 1888, India)

  6. Violet WOOD (born abt. 1890, Lancs, Manchester, England)

  7. Mabel Sarah WOOD (born October 26, 1891, Nether Hallam, Yorkshire, Sheffield, England)

  8. Winifred Annie WOOD (born abt. 1895, Hants, Aldershot, England)

Next Generation

Ethel WOOD (born February 13, 1878, Allahabad, West Bengal, India) on January 9, 1899 at St. Michael's Church, Limerick, Ireland, married David Alexander Waddle SPENCE (born April 9, 1870, Newry, Ireland) married . Children:

  1. Aramia Winifred SPENCE (born November 11, 1899, Trimulgherry, India)

  2. Lucie Frances SPENCE (born December 14, 1901, Quetta, India)

  3. Walter John Savage SPENCE (born August 5, 1903, Kolar Gold Fields, India)

  4. Charles Alexander SPENCE (born July 17, 1905, Wellington, India

  5. Ethel SPENCE (born February 13, 1907, Bellary, India)


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