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Henry James WOOTEN married ??, children:

  1. Henry Thomas Wooten (b 1880, d 25 Jul 1914 Mandalay)

Next Generation

Henry Thomas WOOTEN (b 1880, d 25 Jul 1914 Mandalay) on 21 Oct 1908 in Rangoon married Stella Mildred SALGADO (b 18 Sep 1886 Calcutta) , children:

  1. Gerald Albert Wooten (b 8 Sep 1909 Rangoon)

  2. Mavis Elvira Dorothy Wooten (b 1912)

Stella Mildred WOOTEN nee SALGADO (b 18 Sep 1886 Calcutta) on 23 Jan 1924 in Maymyo married Herbert Jacob DIAS (son of George Dias. Herbert was previously married to Gertrude Stella D'Cruze nee Davis, on 16 Apr 1904 in Rangoon)


Next Generation

Mavis Elvira Dorothy WOOTEN (b 1912) on 23 Jan 1935 in Maymyo married Terence George Alfred O'LEARY (b 1910)


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