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info from Merlyn Ritchie

?? AITKINS married ??, children:

  1. Merlyn Aitkins

Next Generation
Merlyn Aitkins married Noel RITCHIE in lucknow, children:

  1. Noelyn ritchie born in nanital in 1976

  2. Yolanda ritchie born in lucknow in 1978

  3. Leon ritchie born in calcutta in 1983

  4. Yolanda ritchie married milton mason in calcutta in the year 2005


info from Emma Pearce
Hello, I'm looking for the history of Enid Aitkins (daughter of Kathleen Aitkins). Kathleen also had a brother William Aitkins. I believe they were from Bombay. William had children by the name of Mervin, Melvin, Sybil and Iris Aitkins. Kathleen also had children, Jeanette, Adrian and Enid which was a child out of wedlock and was placed at Dr Graham's Homes in Kalimpong orphanage. What I'm trying to do is find out who Enid's real father was, as Kathleen (her mother) took it to her grave. this would put such a piece in the puzzle for my family.  thanks xxxxxx.


?? AITKINS married ??, children:

  1. Kathleen Mary Aitkins

  2. William Paul Aitkins

  3. Melvin Aitkins

Next Generation

William AITKINS married Jeanette ??, children:

  1. Mervin Aitkins

  2. Melvin Aitkins

  3. Sybil Aitkins

  4. Iris Aitkins

Kathleen gave birth to Enid Aitkins born 14/11/1935. She later married Harry Hartley and they had 2 children.

Kathleen AITKINS married Harry HARTLEY, children:

  1. Jeanette Hartly

  2. Adrian Hartly


info from to be provided


info submitted by Eric Aitkins and
Ann-Maree Foran

?? AITKINS married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Aitkins

Next Generation

Joseph AITKINS married Olga ??, children:

  1. Peter Aitkins

  2. Keith Aitkins

  3. Patricia Aitkins

  4. William Aitkins

  5. Eric Aitkins

Next Generation

Eric AITKINS married Jennifer GODFREY, children:

  1.  Gavin Aitkins (b1984)

  2.  Sarah-Jane Aitkins (b 1988)

  3.  Brendan Joseph Aitkins (b 1989)

William AITKINS (b 1947, McCluskigunj) married Pamela MARTINZ (b 1947Chakradhapur), children:

  1. Cheryl AITKINS

  2. Stephen AITKINS

  3. Ann-Maree AITKINS

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