MARTINZ Family Tree

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info from Ann-Maree Foran

? MARTINZ married ??, children:

  1. Pamela Martinz
  2. Eric Martinz

Next Generation

Pamela MARTINZ (b15/12/1947Chakradhapur) married William AITKINS (b 05/10/1947, McCluskigunj), children:

  1. Cheryl AITKINS

  2. Stephen AITKINS

  3. Ann-Maree AITKINS

Next Generation

Ann-Maree AITKINS married Craig FORAN ( son of Brian & Collen Foran (nee Smith)


info from Christopher Martinz

? MARTINZ married ??, children:

  1. Denzil Martinz

Next Generation

Denzil MARTINZ of Secunderabad, married Margaret ?? . Children:

  1. Alexis Martinz
  2. Dahlgren Martinz
  3. Maughan Martinz.(canada)
  4. Amber Martinz
  5. Tangerine Martinz
  6. Arlene Martinz
  7. Christopher Martinz (b 24/12/1957)
  8. Heather Martinz
  9. Bernadine Martinz (india)
  10. Selwyn Martinz (Aus)
  11. Lyndon Martinz. (Aus)

Next Generation

Alexis Martinz married ? Higgins (uk)

Dahlgren Martinz married ? Hayden (Secunderabad, India)

Amber Martinz married ? McFarlane (Aus)

Tangerine Martinz married ? Sigaroody (Sweden)

Arlene Martinz married ? Khan (India)

Heather Martinz married ? Law (Aus)


info submitted by

? MARTINZ married ??, children:

  1. Cecil David Martinz

Next Generation

Cecil David MARTINZ (born 22 April 1937) and  married Celine Antoinette MOSES (nee Fernandez, born 25 Aug.1937) ), children,

  1. Trindale Anthony Martinz
  2. Melissa Emmanuel Antoinette Martinz (born 19 Jan.1971)

Next Generation

Trindale MARTINZ married Valerie THOMAS - children

  1. Naomi Rosalind Martinz
  2. Calvin Martinz (Melb Aus),

Melissa Emmanuel Antoinette MARTINZ (born 19 Jan.1971) married Warren Andrew FULLER (born 5 Apr.1968) at Perth on 17 Aug.1995,  - children

  1. Trindale Jude Fuller (Perth WA)
  2. Celeston Fuller
  3. Jedazion Fuller


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