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Carpetwhite (possibly Carapiet) LONG married Amelia ?----: son,

  1. Herbert Stanley LONG

Next Generation

Herbert Stanley LONG (28) married on 27/11/1912 in Karachi to Ivy Hope GRIFFITHS (20)-(daughter of Lawrence Charles Duncan GRIFFITHS & Emma MOSELY), children:

  1. Eric Stanley LONG

Next Generation

Eric Stanley LONG (23) married 01/03/1937 in Rawalpindi to Muriel Gwendoline MONTGOMERY (26)- (daughter of Joseph MONTGOMERY & Florence O'DRISCOLL.), children:

  1. Maureen LONG b. 26/04/1942

  2. Herbie LONG b. 13/02 /1944

Next Generation
Maureen LONG b. 26/04/1942 married Fred LUESSEN (USA)

Herbie LONG b. 13/02 /1944 married 20/05/1967 in TAPLOW to Peggy D'ROZARIO- (daughter of Arthur D'ROZARIO & Gladys DE SOUZA.), children:

  1. Melanie LONG b. 13/11/1976

  2. Natalie LONG b. 19/06/1981.


info from lynkaye@optusnet.com.au

?? LONG married ??, children:

  1. Harold Henry Tickner Long (born 7 June 1912 in Toowoomba)

Next Generation

Harold Henry Tickner Long (born 7 June 1912) in Toowoomba married Carlyle Rosina Truman (born 25 December 1916) Gympie on 18 December 1938 and had two Children:

  1. Lynette Kaye Long (born 9 September 1941)

  2. Rodney Harold Long (born 17 January 1947 Brisbane.)

Next Generation

Lynette Kaye Long (born 9 September 1941) married John Douglas Lange (born 17 November 1939) on 1 May 1965 and had two children:

  1. Nicole Karen Lange (born 10 May 1967) married Robert Harold Kennedy on 29 July 1989 and have one son Tyler Robert Kennedy born 5 January 2000.

  2. Dallas Anthony John Lange born 13 December, 1972 married Kim Crouch on 16 April 1997 and have two children Cheyenne Lange born 1 July 1998 and a son Corey Harold Lange born 20 August 2001.


Info supplied by Doreen Jonas dpjonas@one.net.au

?? LONG married ??, children:

  1. George Long

Next Generation

George LONG married Alice BROWN, children :

  1. Coral Edith Long

  2. Bertram Long

  3. Alice Long

Next Generation

Coral Edith LONG (Nurse at Madras) married Joseph Everitt LAFRENAIS (after demise of his 1st wife), children :

  1. Denzil Oscar Lionel Lafrenais (20/10/1921),

  2. Evelyn Eunice Lafrenais (b 6/2/1923, died 1975, married FERNANDEZ),

  3. Inez Edith Lafrenais (b 8/5/1925, married JONAS),

  4. Helen Dorinda Lafrenais (married LEAHY),

  5. Raymond Alfred Lafrenais,

  6. Ronald Eric Lafrenais .

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