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?? BRIGGS married ??, children:

  1. Edgar Frederick Briggs (b 1927 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Edgar Frederick Briggs (b 1927 Bangalore)  Married Dorothy Lulham (b 1937 Surrey) children

  1. Spencer Conrad Briggs (b 1953 Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey)

  2. Sharron Christina Briggs (b 1967 Walton-on-Thames)


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?? BRIGGS married ??, children:

  1. Daphne Adelaide Briggs (b1947)

Next Generation

Daphne Adelaide BRIGGS (b1947) on ??1970 at Holy Ghost Church Bangalore, married Peter Anthony CONNALLY (Ex Airforce serviceman born 02 Nov.1944).  Children:

  1. Sherryl Ann Connally

  2. Jeffery Anthony Connally

  3. Floyd Joseph Connally


info from Hayley Briggs

?? BRIGGS married ??, children:

  1. Andrew Briggs (Andy)

Next Generation

Andrew BRIGGS (Andy) married Sharon SAXEN (born Sussex UK. daughter of Ken Saxen who lived in India), children:

  1. Hayley Briggs


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?? BRIGGS married ??, children:

  1. Leslie Briggs

Next Generation

Leslie BRIGGS  (worked in the GPO in Madras, decd)  married Clare ??, children:

  1. Olivia Briggs (School: St Columbians High School Broadway Madras)

  2. Ronald Briggs

  3. Gerald Briggs

  4. Derick Briggs (St Bedes 1969)

  5. Isabella Briggs

Next Generation

Olivia BRIGGS married Cyrus ASSEY (School: St Mary High School at Madras.). 4 children. All in Sydney.


Derick BRIGGS married Annette ?, children:

  1. Rennee Briggs

  2. Simon Briggs

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?? BRIGGS married ??, children:

  1. George Briggs

Next Generation

George BRIGGS on 6 Sep 1833 in Prince of Wales island married Louisa Grace GIBSON, children:

  1. Louisa Charlotte Briggs (b 14 Sep 1834 Madras)

  2. George Briggs (b 24 sep 1835 Madras)

  3. Thomas Charles Briggs (b 16 Jan 1843 Moulmein)

Next Generation

George BRIGGS (b 24 sep 1835 Madras) at 26yrs on 20 Aug 1861 in Bangalore married 18yr Emma Onslow PINSON (b 1843 daughter of Albert Pinson)



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?? BRIGGS married ??, children:

  1. George Briggs

Next Generation

George BRIGGS married Isabella ?, children:

  1. Harold Malcolm Briggs

  2. Oscar Merlyn Briggs

  3. Douglas Austin Briggs

  4. Freddie Briggs

  5. Daisy Briggs (lives in Bangalore)

  6. Olga Briggs (lives in NZ)

Next Generation

Harold Malcolm BRIGGS (b1913, d 1984, Worked on the Southern Railways as an A-Grade Guard stationed mostly in Mysore and Bangalore.) married Joy Diana BROOKES (b 1927, d 1995 Mangalore), children:

  1. Reginald Briggs (living in Bangalore)

  2. Gerald Ronald Briggs (St Johns School B'lore-1960. St Philomenas Mysore-60-65. St Josephs B'lore Residing College -66)

  3. Lionel Briggs (living in Bangalore)

Oscar Merlyn BRIGGS on 28 Oct 1942 in Madras married Coral Yvonne BROOKES (daughter of Stanley Brookes)



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?? BRIGGS married ??, chilren:

  1. Marian Briggs (b 1942)

Next Generation

Marian BRIGGS (b1942) married  Eustace LEWIS (b1939. K.G.F.) on 2nd Jan 66. Matardolars Church Royapuram, Madras Children

  1. Eleshia LEWIS (b1966)

  2. Michael LEWIS (b1971).


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