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?? LEWIS married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Walter Lewis

Next Generation

Thomas Walter LEWIS married ?, children:

  1. Elsie Irene Lewis (b 1886)

Next Generation

Elsie Irene LEWIS (b 1886) at 20yrs on 5 Sep 1906 in Fort William married widowed Station Master EBS Railway James Christian LIEBENHALS (son of James Daniel Liebenhals)



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?? LEWIS married ??, children:

  1. Honorene Lewis

Next Generation

Honorene LEWIS ( b,27th April 1944, d, 22nd August 1993) married Carlton HOOPER ( b,14th Dec 1943,d, 06th April 2011). Their children

  1. Sean Hooper (b 1977)

  2. Maria Hooper ( b May 1981)

  3. Michelle Hooper ( b April 1986)


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?? LEWIS married ??, children:

  1. Charles Hadden Lewis

Next Generation

Charles Hadden LEWIS married Ann Margaret WHELAN there are their children

1) Florence May LEWIS
2) Eleanor LEWIS
3) George Abraham LEWIS

Next Generation
Florence May LEWIS married Richard GREENWOOD these are their children

1) Florence Mary GREENWOOD
2) Richard Edward GREENWOOD
3) Wilfred Francis Xavier GREENWOOD

Eleanor LEWIS married Arthur William D’CRUZ these are their children

1) Marvin D’CRUZ
2) Warrenton D’CRUZ
3) Dulcie D’CRUZ
4) Leonard D’CRUZ
5) Beryl D’CRUZ

George Abraham LEWIS married ?? (1st marriage) children??

George Abraham LEWIS married Rose Mary Lonoiga CARVALHO (2nd marriage)

Next Generation

Dulcie D’CRUZ married ?? BRUNTON these are their children

1) Norman BRUNTON
3) Nelson BRUNTON
4) Austin BRUNTON
5) Gerald BRUNTON
6) Maxwell BRUNTON
7) Adrian BRUNTON
9) Kevin BRUNTON


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?? LEWIS married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Lewis

Next Generation
Joseph LEWIS married Beryl RODRIGUES, children:

  1. STEPHEN LEWIS BORN 23.12.45

  2. MARIE LEWIS BORN   23.5.43

  3. CHRISTOPHER LEWIS  (b  8 Jan 1947, d ??)


Next Generation
Stephen LEWIS (b 23/12/1945)
on 15/2/1968, married Joan Delloye (daughter of Harold & Ruby Delloye), Children

  1. Neil Joseph Lewis (Born 14/08/1969, Living in Melbourne Australia)

  2. Dipti Karen Lewis (Born 26/04/76) married Anthony Tait on 14 September 2003,Living in Melbourne Australia


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? LEWIS married ??, children:

  1. Lucy Lewis

Next Generation

Lucy LEWIS married George William FREITER and had five children.

  1. Robert Freiter
  2. Mark Freiter
  3. Frank Aloysius Freiter
  4. Zita Mary Freiter
  5. Frances Constance Freiter.



info from Faustin Patrick Lewis  faustinlewis@yahoo.co.in

(Lewis Andrew COLLETT arrived in India aboard the ship "Duke of Montrose" on 4th July 1792 and served in the Bombay Grenadiers for 20 years ending up as Garrison Sergeant-Major in Surat. When he got out of the Grenadiers he then set up his own business as a carriage builder in Girgaum Back Road, Bombay. )

John LEWIS married ??, 10 children:

  1. Robert Lewis (b 1890 Pachalam)

  2. Andrew LEWIS (Birth : abt 1907, India,)

  3. Rossy Lewis

Next Generation
Robert LEWIS (b1890 Pachalam) married Philomina CORREYA, 8 children,

  1. Francis Paul Lewis (b 1930)

  2. Henry Archy Lewis, Trichy Railway rtd 19..

  3. Maxy Lewis    Trichy rtd railway

  4. Queeny Lewis

  5. Lambert Lewis Musician Pachalam

  6. Jenny Lewis

  7. Basil Lewis

  8. Una Lewis

Andrew LEWIS Birth : abt 1907, India, married on 29 Dec 1930, St. Francis Xavier Church, Madras, India,  to Mary Constance SUARES (Birth : 16 Aug 1914, George Town, Madras, India).


Rossy LEWIS married ?? LENARAS (Frenchman, in the railways as an engine driver); 7 children, 3 boys 4 girls.

  1. Phillis married at quilon ..........

  2. Mervin worked at TATA OIL MILLS Eranakulam married Mato from India now at England childreen Four 2 girls 2 Boys.  Berney Lenaras married Robert Gerad Lewis Children 2,  Richy Lenars married  ..................Fortcochin, Children 2,  Ambar Lenars married ....................Bolghaty.............

  3. Ather married and was at Bombay childreen .........

  4. Jillo married was at Madras childreen ...........

  5. .... married from cochin saudhi D Cruz now staying at Puna childreen Dubai G Manger .

  6. Emma married son of Post master Varapuzha Ancy D,costa staying at Kallamasserry childreen 2 boys 1 Girl working in Dubai,  1) . Renee D cousto married ......... employed at shiopping dubai 1 Chld Boy,  2). Shelton D cousto Physical trainer MPE employed at Dubai married .........teacher Angamally.,  3). Garie D cousto  Computer profesional employed at Dubai.

  7. Ivy married Mervin Lewis worked for Birtsh airways from eranakulan setteled in Delhi Two children, 1 ) Keith Lewis married .............Fortcohin emloyed in  British Bank Dubai., 2 ) Anita Lewis married ..............Delhi Swimming Instrutor.Childreen 2 boys.

Next Generation

Francis Paul LEWIS (b 1925 , Kerala, India.) Businessman, married Shirley Seraphia SINCLAIR of Ernakulam (daughter of  DR Norbert Fernandez  changed surname – Sinclair Vypeen WAXWALL, who assisted Sir Ronald Ross (b. May 13, 1857,Almora, India--d. Sept. 16, 1932 -Won the Nobel Prize 1902 http://www.britannica.com/nobel/micro/510_82.html ), 6 children, 1 girl 5 boys, children:

  1. Jean Celestine Lewis b 1961

  2. Robert Gerard Lewis b 1963

  3. Faustin Patrick Lewis b 1965

  4. Gladwin leoroy Lewis b 1969

  5. McCann Noel Lewis  b 1972

  6. Herman Aldrin Lewis b 1975

Henry Archy Lewis, Trichy Railway rtd 19.. married Wida ??    Trichy 5 children 3 boys 2 girls all in Australia. Children:

  1. Michael Lewis married Fernandez

  2. Maria Lewis (studying for her Phd Aust) married Fernandez

  3. Bernard Lewis (English Professor)

  4. Orilia Lewis married ?? from Sri Lanka

Maxy Lewis Trichy rtd railway married Don Wrights  Trichy Kalukully children 1 girl 2 boys


Queeny Lewis married Sunno Fernandez Cochin residing  Saudhi 1 boy 3 girls.


Lambert Lewis Musician Pachalam married Nora Norona, Perumbavur 1 boy 3 girls


Jenny Lewis married Tomy Aruja. Pachalam 2 boys 1 girl


Basil Lewis business married Daisy Aruja. Pachalam 1 boy 2 girls


Una Lewis married Lesley Smith Nazareth Cochin, children 3 boys

Next Generation

Jean Celestine Lewis (b 1961, Teacher) married Graham D couto Fort Cochin 1 Boy

  1. Gavin D coutho. b 1985  Accountant Sharjah.

Robert Gerard Lewis (b 1963) married Berney Lennaras 2 Children

  1. Ben Lewis b 1993

  2. Cynthia Lewis. b 2001

Faustin Patrick LEWIS (b 1965, Businessman, Tokyo International Exchange center ,Aomi 2-79 Koto-ku, Tokyo1350064,Japan Ph +81 3 5520 6914) married Sherine Sonia Cubelio Saudi (nominated by the Govt of India and selected by the Govt of Japan to do her PhD in Marine Biology in Tokyo University), children,

  1. Christelle Maria Lewis b 1996   studying in Rex School Otty

  2. Clint Jude Lewis b 1998  studying in Rex School Otty.

  3. Callis Antony Lewis b 2001 Studying in Tokyo.

Gladwin Leroy Lewis (b 1969, Shipping, Dubai) married Sherin Fernandez working Air India DNATA Dubai.1 Girl

  1. Jovita Lewis. b 1996 May studying in Dubai.

Herman Aldrin Lewis b 1975 married Jessina LOPEZ (D/o Mr. Richard Lopez and Mrs Agnes) On Sunday the 22nd January 2006 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church , Chathiath Eranakulam cochin 12.


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?? LEWIS married ??, children:

  1. Eustace LEWIS (born 8/7/39. K.G.F.)

Next Generation

Eustace LEWIS (born 8/7/39. K.G.F.) married Marian BRIGGS (born 29th Sept 1942) on 2nd Jan 66. Matardolars Church Royapuram, Madras Children

  1. Eleshia LEWIS (b17thOct66)

  2. Michael LEWIS (b3/12/71).

Next Generation

Eleshia LEWIS (b17th Oct66) married Andrew HILL, 3 Children.. residing in Cranbourne

  1. Joshua HILL,

  2. Celeste HILL

  3. Gabrielle HILL

Michael LEWIS (b 3/12/71) married  Shereen GEORGE, Residing in Cranbourne.



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??LEWIS married ??, children:

  1. Marie LEWIS (born 20.05.40)

Next Generation

Marie LEWIS (born 20.05.40) on 30.10.68 at Milagres Church, Kallianpur, Udupi, married Michael FERNANDEZ (born 09.12.1935, Mangalore). Children:

  1. Lionel Norbert Fernandez (born 14.09.1969 at Bombay).

  2. Rohan David Fernandez (born 24.05.71 at Bangalore).

  3. Denzil Joydeep Fernandez (born 17.08.72 at Udupi).

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