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Info from Colleen Blaylock
I am tracing the ancestors of my great grandmother Blanche Boyton (or Boynton) who was Anglo-Indian and married Charles Cosmo Clark in 1893 in Madras.
Would also be interested in any CLARKS who have Charles Cosmos Clark in their ancestry. I would like to find out the names of her ancestors and where Blanche was born. I do hope to hear from anyone who has any history of these names.


Charles CLARK married ?, children:

  1. Charles Cosmo Clark (b 1862)

Next Generation

Charles Cosmo CLARK (b 1862) at 31yrs on 13 Feb 1893 in St Thomas Mount married 22yr Blanche Eleanor BOYTON (b 24 Nov 1869 Madras, daughter of Edmund Taylor and Frances Eleanor Boyton) in 1893 in Madras



?? CLARK married ??, children:

  1. Samuel CLARK

Next Generation

Samuel CLARK, assistant Commissary of Ordnance married Mary ??, b.1836, children:

  1. Ann Georgiana CLARK

Next Generation

Ann Georgiana CLARK married Peter McINTYRE (assistant apothecary)  29April 1854, Cundapore,  children : 

  1. Donald McINTYRE (born Feb. 28/1855, baptized Sept 6, 1855 St.John's Church, Cannanore) marriage & death records unknown ,

  2. William McINTYRE born October 7/1859 , died July 7 1865, age 5 years and 9 months.

  3. James Arthur McINTYRE born Feb 18, 1865, baptized April 7, 1865 St.John's Church, Cannanore, died 1928)

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