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info from Robert Davis

?? BOYTON married ??, children:

  1. William Coutts Boyton (b 1812, d 11 Jun 1868 Bangalore)

Next Generation

William Coutts BOYTON (b 1812, d 11 Jun 1868 Bangalore) on 25 Nov 1834 in Black Town, Madras married Diana Priscilla TAYLOR, (b 1819, c 29 Sep 1819, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Catherine Taylor) children:

  1. William James Boyton (b 1836)

  2. Thomas Richard Boyton (b1839)

  3. Priscilla Anne Boyton (b 1841)

  4. James Agnew Boyton (b 1843)

  5. Thomas Henry Boyton (b 1846)

  6. Edmund Taylor Boyton (b 20 Nov 1848, d 5 Jun 1927 St Thomas Mount)

  7. Hannah Maud Boyton (b 3 Feb 1851)

  8. Lydia Mabel Boyton (b 1861)

Next Generation

Priscilla Anne BOYTON married Joseph LACEY, children:

  1. Joseph Melville Lacey (b 26/1/1866 Madras, d 17/1/1946)

  2. Ada Caroline Lacey (b 1862 Bangalore, d 18/3/1932 UK)

  3. Alice Josephine Lacey (b 21/9/1864 Madras, d 30/1/1947 UK))

  4. Arthur Lacey (b 1867 Mylapore)

Edmund Taylor BOYTON (b 20 Nov 1848, d 5 Jun 1927 St Thomas Mount) at 21yrs on 22 Nov 1869 in Madras married Frances Eleanor ENGLEDOW (b 1852 daughter of Hammond William Engledow) children:

  1. Bernice Mabel Boyton (b 29/7/1873)

  2. Edmund Victor Couitts Boyton (c 12 Sep 1874 Bangalore, d 26 Feb 1940 Madras, age 66)

  3. Margaret Adeline Boyton (b 20/1/1879)

  4. Kathleen McGahan Boyton (b 29/11/1884)

  5. Cora Aileen Boyton (b 21/9/1888)

  6. Charles Leopold Boyton (born?)

  7. Albert GeorgeBoyton

  8. Ned Boyton

  9. Frank Boyton

  10. Percy Boyton

  11. Dennis Boyton



info from Gavin McNerney

?? BOYTON married ??, children:

  1. Phyllis Barbara BOYTON

Next Generation

Phyllis Barbara BOYTON married Justin Allen BEALE (Bangalore, India).  Children:

  1. Ian BEALE

  2. Jean Priscilla BEALE (b.22/10/1942)

  3. Pamela BEALE

  4. Marilyn Faye BEALE (born 04/03/1946, Casurina St, Bangalore)

  5. Roger BEALE

  6. Barbara BEALE (Dec.)


info from Colleen

I am tracing the ancestors of my great grandmother Blanche Boyton (or Boynton) who was Anglo-Indian and married Charles Cosmo Clark in 1893 in Madras. Would also be interested in any CLARKS who have Charles Cosmos Clark in their ancestry. I would like to find out the names of her ancestors and where Blanche was born. I do hope to hear from anyone who has any history of these names.


Edmund Taylor BOYTON married Frances Eleanor ??, children:

  1. Blanche Eleanor Boyton

Next Generation

Blanche Eleanor BOYTON (b 24 Nov 1869 Madras) at 22yrs on 13 Feb 1893 in St Thomas Mount married 31yr Charles Cosmo CLARK (b 1862)



info from Janelle Boyton

Earle Mark SUARES (b 13/10/1934, Bangalore. d 01/05/2006, Bangalore) married Jean Priscilla BEALE (b 22/10/1942, Bangalore).  Divorced in 1996.  Surname changed from SUARES to BOYTON  Children:

1.  Caroline Anne SUARES (Boyton)
2.  Floyd Mark SUARES (Boyton)
3.  Steve Michael SUARES (Boyton)
4.  Janelle Anne SUARES (Boyton)


Next Generation

Caroline Anne BOYTON (b 1967, Bangalore) married Eric SORENSEN (b1965, Melbourne) on 12/4/1993 at Our Lady's Church, Maidstone.  Children:

1.  Brittany Anne SORENSEN
2.  Luke Kyle SORENSEN
3.  Ashlynne Brooke SORENSEN

Floyd Mark BOYTON (b 1968, Bangalore) married Antonella SANFILIPPO (b 1972, Melbourne) on 13/8/1996,
Divorced in 2010.  Children:

1.  Chloe Ann BOYTON


Floyd M BOYTON (b 1968 Bangalore) Married Cassandra C JAMES (b 1972, Melbourne) on 08/09/2018. Surname changed from Boyton to JAMES-BOYTON Children:

  1.  Thomas Anthony PATTISON (b 2000, Melbourne, Cassandra's son from previous Marriage)

 Steve Michael BOYTON (b1970, Bangalore) married Janine MCKENNER (b1969, Melbourne) on 14/12/1997.  Children:

  1. William James BOYTON

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