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?? CLARKSON  married ??, children:

  1. Lionel Joseph Clarkson

Next Generation

Lionel Joseph CLARKSON married Hazel Lorna WILLIAMS, children:

  1. Keith Lionel Clarkson (Kito) (schooled at St Francis, Lucknow)

Next Generation

Keith Lionel CLARKSON (Kito) married Gloria Daune NOEL from Dr Graham's Homes, Kalimpong, children:

  1. Judy Clarkson

  2. David Clarkson

  3. Susan Clarkson


info submitted by Kevin Clarkson ;

?? CLARKSON  married ??, children:

  1. Eardley Clarkson

Next Generation

Eardley CLARKSON married Babsie DeCRUZ, children :

  1. Alan CLARKSON 

  2. Don Bosco CLARKSON

Next Generation

Don Bosco CLARKSON married Patricia NORTON (b1954, daughter of Virginia GLEESON, father was in the Burmese army, who died in action, adopted by Mrs NORTON through St.Thomas Mount Convent). Seeking the elder brother of Patricia who was a year older and who became separated from the family on the birth of Patricia.




?? CLARKSON  married ??, children:

  1. James Oram Clarkson (b 1843, d 3/5/1890, Calcutta)

Next Generation

James Oram CLARKSON (b 1843, d 3/5/1890, Calcutta) on 28/11/1778 at St Dionis Backchurch, London, married Elizabeth LAYTON, children:

  1. Sophia Clarkson (b 17/2/1782, London)

  2. Mary Ann Clarkson (b 16/7/1783, London) married John Horner on 20/10/1816 at Tower Hamlets

  3. Joseph Clarkson (b 30/12/1784, d 1863 Kensal Green, age 79)

  4. James Oram Clarkson (b 6/8/1786 London)

  5. Hannah Clarkson (b 26/10/1792 Essex)

  6. Frances Maria Clarkson (b 3/10/1798 Pancras, London)

  7. Richard Oram Clarkson (b 1818)

Next Generation

Richard Oram CLARKSON widow, age 44yrs (b 1818) on 11/6/1862 at Waltair, Madras married Fanny Amelia McDOWELL , children:

  1. Adelaide Fanny Eliza Clarkson

Next Generation

Adelaide Fanny Eliza CLARKSON (b 1863, film 463301) on 4/9/1889 in Vepery married James William MEPPEN (b 1854)   .


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