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info from PETER BLUNT <peterblunt146@hotmail.com>


?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Philomena Colleen Daisy WILLIAMS (b Lallagudha Secunderabad 1930, studied at St. Anne's Convent, Secunderabad)

Next Generation

Philomena Colleen Daisy WILLIAMS (b Lallagudha Secunderabad 1930) in 1955 in Secunderabad married Leslie Richard Dickenson BLUNT (retired Wing Commander, b Dera Dhun north India 1922. Flt Lt Leslie Richard Dickinson Blunt 1994 GD(P) Award Date 02 Mar 48, Announced 20 Nov 50, Details : Flt. Lt. (now Wg. Cdr.) Leslie Richard Dickinson Blunt was one of the first ‘SPITFIRE’ Pilots to land at Srinagar when it was surrounded by enemy and about to fall. He operated with zeal and vigour and thus helped to throw back the enemy from the gates of Srinagar. In every short space of time, this officer carried out 23 operational sorties against the enemy and achieved remarkable results. He stood out amongst his pilots for his keen enthusiasm and dash. His bombing and gunnery helped to break up many enemy advances at crucial moments. For the excellent results achieved by him during the Air Operations over the outskirts of Srinagar, he has been awarded the Vir Chakra.Unit : AFS Ambala; Reference : Gazette of India , 20th November 1950 - No.13 - Pres dated 15th November 1950. http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/Database/Record/view.php?srnum=1994 ,  4 Sons:

  1. Richard Blunt

  2. Michael Blunt

  3. Geoffery Blunt

  4. Peter Blunt

(Moved to Perth Western Australia in February 1970)



I have just stumbled on this web site and am taking advantage to see if anyone can help me.

I am searching for some of my ancestors.  My great grandfather was Frederic Williams and my great grandmother was Alice Barracliffe.  They had 15 children and one of them Harold (Harry) was my grandfather, born in Wardha/India who married Evelyn Adelaide Quarman, my grandmother. They had 12 children one of them being my mother, Kathleen Williams who married William Bernard Sharpe. Any information on this will be most welcome or even suggestions of where to look for them. I have also been trying to contact Jennifer Sutton to no avail so if you see this Jennifer please contact me.  You are my second cousin. Thanks for any help..Sincerely, Colleen Sharpe colleensharpe@telefonica.net


?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Frederic Williams

Next Generation


  1. Walter WILLIAMS, 

  2. Edward WILLIAMS 

  3. Patrick WILLIAMS , 

  4. Richard WILLIAMS, 

  5. Arthur WILLIAMS, 

  6. Adelaide WILLIAMS, 

  7. Harold (Harry) WILLIAMS, (born in Wardha, India)

  8. Charles WILLIAMS, 

  9. Bertram WILLIAMS, 

  10. Clement WILLIAMS, 

  11. Norbet WILLIAMS, 

  12. Agustus Leonard WILLIAMS  (Gusty, born 17th January 1877 in Wardha )  

  13. Mary WILLIAMS, 

  14. Teresa (Tully) WILLIAMS

  15. Gertrude WILLIAMS.(born on the 5th of May 1885)

Next Generation

Harold (Harry) WILLIAMS (born in Wardha, India) married Evelyn Adelaide QUARMAN (b 17 Sep 1892 Roorkee, daughter of Frederick William and Margaret Jane Quarman. They had 12 children one of them being my mother,

  1. Kathleen Williams who married William Bernard Sharpe, children: Colleen Sharpe.


info from Stan Smith ssopus@gmail.com

?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Warner Williams (BORN INDIA)

Next Generation

Warner WILLIAMS (born in India) living in Bangalore, married Shireen CUXTON (born in India). Children:

  1. Candice WILLIAMS

  2. Warner WILLIAMS Jr


info from PETER ANDRABI pandrabi@hotmail.com

James WILLIAMS married Hanna ?, children:

  1. Samuel Joseph WILLIAMS (b 31 Jan 1841 Fort William, c 2 Mar 1841 Agra)

Next Generation

Samuel Joseph WILLIAMS on 25 Nov 1908 in Asansol married Sheila Lillian CASTILLO, (daughter of George Malcolm Castillo) children:

  1. Mavis Dagmar Williams (b 19 May 1910 Calcutta)

  2. Dorothy Evangeline Violet Williams (b 31 Dec 1911 Asansol)

  3. Ethel Louisa Lillian Williams (b 19 Apr 1916 Hazaribagh)

  4. Eugene Richard Newton Williams (b 10 Dec 1919 Hazaribagh)

  5. Hilda Gertrude Williams (b 8 Sep 1921 Dhanbad)

  6. Iris June Esme Jewel Williams (b 11 Jan 1923 Hazaribagh)

Next Generation
Hilda Gertrude WILLIAMS
(b 8 Sep 1921 Dhanbad) MARRIED ?? ANDRABI, AND HAD 4 CHILDREN:





Iris June Esme Jewel Williams (b 11 Jan 1923 Hazaribagh) at 17yrs on 31 Aug 1938 in Calcutta married 21yr Albert Mervyn Eric PRAWLING (b 1917 son of Mervyn Arthur Prawling)


info from Elizabeth Campbell nakhan@optusnet.com.au

Looking for information regarding the parents of William John Francis Williams. Apparently their names were Joseph and Mary (mothers maiden name unknown) both were doctors, Joseph born in Wales, Mary born in India. They both died when my father was very young and he was put into an orphanage.

Joseph Williams born in Wales married Mary ?? (maiden name unknown) born in India, Children:

  1. William John Francis Williams born 3/07/1922 in Goa?

Next Generation

William John Francis Williams born 3/07/1922 in Goa? married Norma MOORE born 13/12/1925 in Lucknow, Children (Five)

  1. Richard A.J Williams

  2. Peter A.J Williams

  3. Maria A.J Williams

  4. Cheryl A.J Williams

  5. Elizabeth A.J Williams

( Nora Andrews divorced Reginald Moore (Date unknown) Remarried Allwyn Thaddeus (Date unknown) Had one daughter named Patricia who is a half sister to Norma (Moore), Ronald, William and Dennis.)


info from leon williams  tdksound2005@yahoo.co.uk

Carl WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Raymond Victor Williams (b ? d 1979 )

Next Generation

Raymond Victor WILLIAMS (d 1979) married Trudie GOMES (b Calcutta 1958 daughter of Polo Gomes and Daphne Gomes.) children:

  1. Leon Williams (born 1978 Calcutta)

Next Generation
Leon Williams (b 1978 Calcutta)  in 1994 married  oya ?? in London UK , children:

  1. Natalie Williams

  2. Calvin Williams


info from Christine Gavin  ChristineGavin@bigpond.com

?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. James Williams

Next Generation

James WILLIAMS, was an officer in the 55TH REGIMENT OF FOOT and married Hannah ?? (widow and a full blooded Indian) in 1833 at Bellary, children:

  1. James Henry Williams (born 1836 at Bellary)

  2. Harriot Williams (born at Secunderbad in 1838)

  3. Samuel Josiah Williams (born 31 January 1841 at Fort William, India) came to Australia on the "Palmyra" in 1854 and eventually found his way to "Kameruka Estate" on the south coast of NSW, Australia.  

(By 1854 both parents had died.  I do not know what happened to his brother and sister.  I do not know the circumstances in which his parents died.  The "Palmyra" carried a shipload of Eurasian immigrants under the auspices of the Eas Emigration Society of Madras.)


info from blairrw@att.net  Blair's AI Help Site

?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Blair Williams (School: Montfort Boys, Yercaud/ 1948-53, College: St Mary's Poona '54-'56, C.Eng (London) ''57-'61, Loyola University USA '77-'79.Very involved in helping less fortunate AI's in India (see Website). We have established a 'Not for profit' organization in the USA. Also written a book on AI's 'Anglo-Indians Vanishing Remnants Of A Bygone Era' In the USA since 1976. Currently Professor of Engineering in New York

Next Generation

Blair WILLIAMS married Ellen GARDNER



info from RoadDuck2@aol.com

?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Harold Williams (b Sept 1921, d 2 Sept 1989 USA)

  2. Sheila Williams

  3. Carl Williams

Next Generation

Harold Williams (b Sept 1921, d 2 Sept 1989 USA) married Valentine ??, migrated to the USA in 1967, children:

  1. Hariot Williams

  2. Loraine Williams

  3. Priscilla Williams (Penny)

  4. Dolores Williams

  5. Catherine Williams


info from

?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Celic Williams (Bill) (b 1921 India, d 5 March 1998 Calcutta)

  2. Joe Williams

  3. Girlie Williams married RODRICK

  4. Enid Williams married PERRY

  5. Mae Williams married MANUEL

  6. Rita Williams married LEWIS

Next Generation

Celic Williams (Bill) (b 1921 India, d 5 March 1998 Calcutta) married Sheila ??, children:

  1. Lyn Williams


info from  jclarkson60@hotmail.com

Dr Maj Edward WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Hazel Lorna WILLIAMS

Next Generation

Hazel Lorna WILLIAMS married Lionel Joseph CLARKSON, children:

  1. Keith Lionel Clarkson (Kito) (schooled at St Francis, Lucknow)


info from Sabrina Court sabbycourt@hotmail.com

?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. George WILLIAMS

Next Generation

George WILLIAMS married  Edith Maude Swaris (student of St. Helen`s, Kurseong, children:

  1. Gladys Edith Williams

Next Generation

Gladys Edith WILLIAMS married Eric Charles KERR, Children:

  1. Joan Mary Kerr

  2. Norma Benedicta Kerr (b. Jan 05 1937)


info from Mr B D'Costa  BGDCOSTA@bigpond.com  & Brenda Farmer <blfarm5959@gmail.com>

?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Christine Ann WILLIAMS (b Chennai India)

  2. Geraldine Bernadette WILLIAMS

Next Generation

Christine Ann WILLIAMS (b Chennai India) married Derek Anthony D'COSTA and are now resident in Melbourne Australia
They have 3 children:

  1. Shawn Leander D'Costa

  2. Wayne Hilary D'Costa

  3. Magnus Felix D'Costa

Geraldine Bernadette WILLIAMS of Chennai India married Bruce Conrad D'COSTA and are now resident in Melbourne Australia
They have 2 children:

  1. Johannes Dominic D'Costa

  2. Gabriella Marya D'Costa


info submitted by JENNIFER THOMAS jthomas4@vtown.com.au

If there are any Williams out there that this Information strikes a cord with, please, please get in touch with me.  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks a million Russell and Enid. Best Wishes to you and yours. God Bless . Jennifer Thomas.  


Frederick WILLIAMS, from WALES EX SERVICEMAN -GUNNER, POLICE Sergeant -(CENTRAL POLICE PROVINCE) MARRIED Alice BARRACLIFFE - DAUGHTER OF REGT APOTHECARY (News to hand is that my great grand parents had 15 children, and also some confusion about my great grandmother's name. In my Mums notes her name was Alice, but the info from some other cousins say that her name was Isabel, now that leaves me wondering was her name Alice,Isabel, or Isabel Alice. The source from where the information came is pretty sure that it was Isabel.) CHILDREN:

  1. Walter Williams  

  2. Edward Williams

  3. Patrick Williams 

  4. Richard Williams (b 1876)

  5. Arthur Williams, 

  6. Adelaide Williams 

  7. Harold Williams 

  8. Charles Williams

  9. Bertram Williams 

  10. Clement Williams 

  11. Norbet Williams 

  12. Agustus Leonard Williams (Gusty, My grandfather, born 17th January 1877 in Wardha )  

  13. Mary Williams 

  14. Teresa Williams (Tully)

  15. Gertrude Williams (born on the 05th of May 1885)

Mary WILLIAMS married  ?? MAILE.


George Henry (Harry) WILLIAMS married Evelyn QUAMAN, had 12 children.

  1. Adeline Williams (Addy) 

  2. Kathleen Williams

  3. Frederick Williams (Teddy)

  4. Gladys Williams

  5. Joan Thelma Williams

  6. Dolly Williams

  7. Vera Williams (Koko)

  8. George Williams

  9. Patsy Williams

  10. Noeleen Williams

  11. Ronnie Williams

  12. John Williams

Next Generation

Richard WILLIAMS (b 1876) at 31yrs on 18 March 1907 married 18yr Esther Ruth HALLUME (b1891, daughter of Richard Francis Hallume, 14 Jan 1910 Calcutta), had 2 daughters, 

  1. Isabella Esther Williams (b 1 Dec 1907)

  2. Violet Ruth Williams (b 5 Jan 1910)

Teresa (Tully) WILLIAMS married Charles THEOBOLD


Gertrude WILLIAMS (b 5th May 1885) married Arthur FAULKNER, had 4 children

  1. Beryl FAULKNER married Hugh MATTHEWS (had 6 children)

  2. Lawrence FAULKNER married Beryl ROSS, (had 5 children)

  3. Sheila FAULKNER married Sonny (Joseph) PINTO, (had 3 children)

  4. Basil FAULKNER married Beryl LANE, (had 12 children)

Augustus Leonard WILLIAMS born 17th January 1877 in Wardha married Jane Emily Yule NASH who was born on the 21st of December 1884 at Muzaffarpur and they had six children, 2 deceased as babies names unknown : 

  1. Horace Augustus Williams (b 27 Mar 1904 Mandla, Bengal)

  2. Winifred Alice Yule Williams (b 14 Mar 1905 Mandla), 

  3. Marjorie Agnes Williams (b 17 Dec 1907 Mandla, Bengal)

  4. John Frederick Yule Williams (Jack) (b 30 Mar 1909 Damoh, Bengal)

  5. Pansy Ellen Williams (my Mum), 

  6. George Richard Williams (b 20 Jan 1915 Akola, Bengal. He lives in England and has 5 children I think. Names of my Aunt and cousins are unknown as he left for England for the 2nd world war and that was before I was born.)

Adeline (Addy) WILLIAMS married Cyril GRAVES. Cyril is Deceased.     U.K


Kathleen WILLIAMS married Bill (Barney) SHARPE. Barney is deceased.  U.K.


Frederick (Teddy) WILLIAMS married Milicent BLANCHE on 11/11/1947 in Sacred Heart Church, Khurda Rd (Both deceased, INDIA), children:

  1. Frederick George Williams (born 28/11/1950, Khurda Road). Deceased. INDIA.

  2. Patricia Mary Williams (born 18/11/1957, Khurda Road). Bangalore, INDIA.

  3. Jennifer Millicent Williams (born 27/11/1968, Khurda Road). Calcutta, INDIA.

(info from pat_reme@yahoo.com )

Gladys WILLIAMS married Kenneth WINFIELD. U.K.


Joan Thelma WILLIAMS married Joseph Willoughby LOVERY (Joss)  on 26th July 1944. Joss and Joan immigrated to Canada on 1st February 1979. Joss had an illustrious career on the SER moving up the ranks from a lowly apprentice in the Loco Shed in Kharagpur (KGP) to finally retiring as a District Mechanical Engineer (DME) Railway Officer based in KGP. Joss passed away in Toronto in 1993. Joss and Joan had 8 children- 2 daughters and 6 sons:

  1. Penelope (Penny) born in 1945.

  2. Brian Lovery was born in 1946.

  3. Katherine (Kay) Lovery was born in 1948 and lives with her mother in Whitby Ontario

  4. Jonathan Lovery was born in 1951.

  5. Peter Lovery was born in 1953.

  6. Raymond Lovery was born in 1956. He lives with his significant other, Henriette Wiggers in Toronto Ontario

  7. Carlyle Lovery was born in 1958.

  8. Christopher Lovery was born in 1961. Christopher lives in downtown Toronto Ontario.

( Joss Is deceased.) They married at Khurda Road in 1944, and it is through Joan that I have been able to get this correct info on her family. JENNIFER THOMAS jthomas4@vtown.com.au

   (Info confirmed by loverypa@rogers.com )


Dolly WILLIAMS married Ronnie SHUTIE. U.K


Vera (Koko) WILLIAMS on 24th August 1955 in Chakhardapur,  married Neville Alphonse RODRIGUES. Khurda Road, INDIA. (on 24th August 1955. Neville was employed in the S.E.Rly and retired as A.M.E in Khurda Road in 1976. Koko is now deceased. They had 5 children all of whom were born in Bilaspur:

  1. Gail Patricia Rodrigues born 29/9/56 is now deceased

  2. Ann Christine Rodrigues born 12/9/58 is now deceased,

  3. Donna Catherine Rodrigues born 1/11/60 married Gordon Mark (Bobby) Barren born 26/7/56 on 29/12/84, children: Deborah Ann Barren born 13/10/85, Desiree Ann Barren born 3/5/92, Damien Mark Barren born 6/10/93.

  4. Myra Francis Rodrigues born 22/9/62 married Wilfred Alexander Redden born 18/7/59 on 4/11/81 in Khurda Road. Children: Daniel Wayne Redden born 6/11/81, Gregory Dean Redden born 1/9/83, Deniese Ann Redden born 29/12 87, Deidre Ann Redden born 29/1/93.

  5. Michael Gerard Rodrigues (born 22/9/62 ?) married Glenda Norman born 7/9/66 in Khurda Road on 30/12/86. Children: Christopher Rodrigues born 17/2/88, Craig Rodrigues born 25/9/90.

 (info from  Donna Barren <donna_barren@yahoo.co.in )

George WILLIAMS married Sybil DEVINE. (both deceased)   INDIA


Patsy WILLIAMS married William (Bill) THOMPSON.     CANADA


Noeleen WILLIAMS married Keith SPRAGUE.    U.K


Ronnie WILLIAMS married Matilda ? (maiden name unknown)       U.K.


John WILLIAMS married Elaine BLACK.   U.K.

(I have reason to believe that all this family is in the UK except Teddy now Deceased, and Cocoa Rodriques still residing in Khurda Road. Orissa India.)


Next Generation

Frederick George WILLIAMS (d 8/9/1999) married Heather Ann HALE (resident at p,511 parnasree pally, 102 ankhi apartments, kolkata 700 060) on 28/12/1974 in Sacred Heart Church, Khurda Road. Children:

  1. Garrett George Williams (b1975, Calcutta). Calcutta, INDIA.

  2. Carrie Ann Williams (b1975, Calcutta) Australia

              (info from Garrett George Williams ph-9830194495 Kolkata garrethwill@yahoo.com )

Patricia Mary WILLIAMS married Joseph Stephen REMEDIOS on 15/7/1978 in St.Thomas' Church, Middleton Row, Calcutta. Children:

  1. Stephen Robert Remedios (b1979, Hyderabad). Chennai, INDIA.

  2. Karen Renee Remedios (b1980, Hyderabad). Indiana, USA.

(info from pat_reme@yahoo.com )

Jennifer Millicent WILLIAMS married Mervyn Joseph GOMES. Children:

  1. Wilander Mervyn Gomes (b1991, Calcutta). Calcutta, INDIA.

  2. Leander (?) Gomes (b2000, Calcutta). Calcutta, INDIA.

Isabella Esther WILLIAMS (b 1 Dec 1907)  married ?? BEATTY


Violet Ruth WILLIAMS (b 5 Jan 1910) married Noel SLANEY (Police Dept, India), children:

  1. Noeleen Slaney (Cuckoo)

  2. Richard Slaney

  3. Mary Slaney (Molly)

  4. Roland Slaney (Ronnie)

  5. Kenneth Slaney (Kenny)

  6. David Slaney

  7. Vernon Slaney (Vernie)

  8. Hugo Slaney (Boxer)

Winifred Alice Yule WILLIAMS  (b 14 Mar 1905 Mandla), married Charles Joseph Philip De'SELLAS they had 7 children. 

  1. Rita DeSellas, 

  2. Peter Augustus DeSellas (b 29 May 1928 Adra), 

  3. Patricia Mary DeSellas (b 3 Nov 1929 Calcutta), 

  4. Cecilia Margaret DeSellas (b 28 Dec 1934 Howrah), 

  5. Patrick DeSellas 

  6. Ann Bernadette DeSellas (b 21 Mar 1939 Howrah), 

  7. AnthonyDeSellas

John Frederick Yule WILLIAMS (Jack) (b 1909)at 28yrs on 28 Apr 1937 in Adra married 21yr Phyllis Edith  REYNOLDS, (b 1916 daughter of Charles Leotes Reynolds) had one daughter (They were divorced in India and my Auntie Phyllis remarried a Mr Bill Sisson from the USA.  After which my Auntie Phyllis and Margaret migrated to the US.

  1. Margaret WILLIAMS 

Pansy Ellen WILLIAMS (b 2nd Sept 1906 in Mandla.Central Province) married Mervyn Ernest Joseph SUTTON (b 2nd June 1909 AT JUBBULPORE. CENTRAL Province, better known as (Bunoo) went to the Far Eastern games at Tokyo in 1930 to represent India, and later as in 1932 he captained the Olympic Team to Los Angeles and was ranked the 7th best Hurdler in the world. PARENTS OF 7 CHILDREN

  1. John Lindsay (born 30th August 1935 in Calcutta. West Bengal),

  2. Wendell James (born 2nd Nov 1936 in Chakradharpur. Bihar. Bengal, Nagpur, Rly),

  3. Neil Andrew (born 29th April 1938 in Chakradharpur.   Bihar. B.N.Rly...),

  4. Jennifer Anne (born 13th March 1940 in Chakradharpur. Bihar. B.N.Rly),

  5. Rodion Augustus (born 14th July 1942 in Chakardharpur. Bihar. B.N.Rly),

  6. Roger Ledley (born 8th May 1942 in Chakardharpur. Bihar B.N.Rly, deceased 1949 ),

  7. Julian Campbell (born 23rd October in Chakardharpur. Bihar. B.N.Rly.(deceased)

Our mum Pansy, was a Teacher in all sphere's of life. No child could have wished  for,  or been blessed by a finer example of a Mother and friend. Which she later passed on to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. For if anyone, she knew the true meaning of "unconditional love," lived it and practiced it every moment of her life.


Next Generation

Garrett George WILLIAMS (b1975, Calcutta) married Daina June Sidhu on 28/12/2004


Carrie Ann WILLIAMS (b1975, Calcutta) living in Australia, married Michael KUMAR on 22/11/2001. Children:

  1. Sinead Michael Kumar (born on 9/10/2002, UK)

  2. Shaun Kumar

Margaret WILLIAMS married Delwin SHANDREW.



? WILLIAMS married Ann Jennifer BLANCHE, children :  ?



Helen May WILLIAMS (b.1944) married Peter Niall BROUGHTON (b.3/12/1941)



info from Sidney (Tinker) Kirkpatrick sidneysdk@yahoo.co.uk

?? WILLIAMS married ??, children:

  1. Mary Williams (born 8/1/1920)

Next Generation

Mary WILLIAMS (born 8/01/1920) on the 9/12/1959 at Kensington Registry office London, married Sidney KIRKPATRICK (born 23/09'1929 Jamalpur, went to school at St. Michael's high school, digha gath, patna started in the year 1938 left in 1947 to go to England). Child:

     1. Colin Roger Kirkpatrick


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