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? COURT married ?, children:

  1. William COURT, b 1667 in Ch of St Dunstan, Stepney, London.

Next Generation

William COURT, b 1667 in Ch Of St Dunstan, Stepney, London. In 1692 when William was 25, he married Susannah DENNET, Born in 1671 in London, England.. They had the following children:

  1. Mathew COURT, b.1699 (b.1699)

  2. Robert COURT, b.1701 (b.1701)

  3. David COURT, b.1710 (1710 - 1785)

Next Generation

David COURT, b.1710. Born in 1710 in Mile End Old Town, Stepney, London. David died in 1785; he was 75. He married Mary AINGER, Born in 1717 in Mile End Old Town, Stepney, London. They had the following children:

  1. Thomas COURT,  (b.1736)

  2. Mary COURT, (1739 - 1807)

  3. David COURT (Jnr),  (b.1746)

  4. Susanna COURT, (1750 - 1826)

Next Generation

David COURT (Jnr) Born in 1746 in St. Paul, Covent Garden, London, England, married Elizabeth GOODWIN, Born in 1750 in St. Paul, Covent Garden, London, England. They had the following children:

  1. Charles COURT, Capt; (b.1772)

  2. Elizabeth COURT (b.1774)

  3. Marianna COURT, (1775 - 1829)

  4. Lovisa COURT(b.1776)

  5. Mountaqua COURT(b.1778)

  6. Horatio COURT (b.1780)

  7. Henry COURT, Major (1783 - 1874)

  8. David COURT (Jnr), b.1782 (1783 - 1804)

Next Generation

Henry COURT, Major; Born on Nov 05 1783 in St. Paul, Covent Garden, London, England. Henry died on Apr 21 1874 in Wargrave, Berks, Eng; he was 90. In 1819 when Henry was 35, he married Emily Susan TAYLOR, Born in 1785 in London, Middlesex, England. They had the following children:

  1. John Henry COURT, (1822 - 1866)

  2. Emily Francis COURT, (b.1824, Wargrave, Berkshire)

  3. Sophia Louisa COURT, (b.1825)

  4. James Charles L. COURT, R.Widdington (b.1827)

  5. David Alexander COURT, (b.1831)

  6. Mary Ann Georgina COURT,  (b.1833)

  7. Louisa Sarah COURT, (b.1834)

  8. Elizabeth Sarah COURT, (b.1837, c 4 Sep 1838 Berkshire England)

  9. James COURT, Rector; (b.1854)

  10. Frances Elizabeth COURT, (b.1859)

Next Generation

John Henry COURTBorn in 1822 in Madras, India. John died on Jul 12 1866; he was 44. On Dec 16 1828 when John was 6 ??, he married Maria DOSSEYN, Born on Dec 08 1810 in Pulicat, Madras, India. Maria died on Jul 04 1852 in Madras, India; she was 41. They had the following children:

  1. Emily Maria COURT, (b.1829)

  2. John Henry COURT, (1831 - 1901)

  3. James William COURT, (1833 - 1854)

  4. David Zechariah COURT, (b.1834)

  5. Daniel Augustus COURT, (1836 - 1915)

  6. Sophia Penelope COURT, (b.1839)

  7. Albert Benjamin COURT, (1841 - 1876)

  8. Jesse Wilhelmina COURT, (b.1844. Born on Nov 25 1844 in Madras, India)

  9. Henrietta Susan COURT, (b.1846)

  10. Charles Edward Belinda COURT, (1847 - 1933)

Elizabeth COURT (? b 1857 daughter of Major Henry Court, d 12 Aug 1888 Rawalpindi) on 20 Feb 1884 in Aligarh married Alfred Waller OSBORNE (b 20 Apr 1850 Goruckpore), children:

  1. Mabel Court Osborne (b 20 Nov 1884 Shagabanpue)

  2. Frederick Alfred Court Osborne (b 24 Mar 1886 Aligarh)

  3. Dorothy Sylvia Court Osborne (b 18 Aug 1892 Almora)

Next Generation

John Henry COURT, Born on Jul 02 1831 in Royapuram -Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. John died on Dec 20 1901; he was 70. On Feb 02 1853 when John was 21, he married Julia Ann VINCENT, Born in 1835 in Madras, India. They had the following children:

  1. George Alexander COURT, (1862 - 1904)

  2. Mercy Eva Rosamund COURT, (b.1864)

  3. Unknown COURT, (b.1864)

  4. Alfred Ernest COURT, Born on Feb 15 1869 in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. Alfred died on Nov 29 1952; he was 83.

Jesse Wilhelmina COURT, b.1844. Born on Nov 25 1844 in Madras, India, on Jul 18 1861 married Richard Edward STEPHENSON, children:

  1. Charlie (Charles?) STEPHENSON

  2. Mortimer STEPHENSON

  3. Edward STEPHENSON

  4. Clarence STEPHENSON

  5. Arthur STEPHENSON

  6. Bertie (Albert?) STEPHENSON


  8. Florence STEPHENSON

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Next Generation

Mercy Eva Rosamund COURT (b.1864) married William Henry CHATELIER ,Child:

  1. Constance Augusta Chatelier (b. Bellary in South Indian 11 Aug 1893)  married William Henry Smith.

Alfred Ernest COURT (b 15/2/1869. Madras, ex-HM Military Accounts Paymaster, d Poona) married Syrina NICHOLAS (b. Madras. Nicholas was the anglicised version of her familyís name. Her family were Athenians and had a successful business operating ship ís chandlers. They lived in Madras for many decades, before emigrating to Australia after the break-up of the Indian Empire, she died in McCluskiegunj). They had 2 natural children,

  1. Dorinda Hope COURT (b Maemaeo, Burma)

  2. Hugh Bernardt COURT ( b Jubulpore1894, d 1967),

They also had an adopted son in Rangoon, whose name was Edmund (born Edmund Claudius). His daughter was named Phyllis.

(Syrina NICHOLAS niece, Violet still apparently teaches in Pune, having survived her husband Herbert, at the age of 90 years! )


 Next Generation

Dorinda Hope COURT married Percival William FREEMANTLE. They had 7  children,

  1. Neville Desmond Freemantle (b.Secunderabad)

  2. Ivor Freemantle

  3. Pamela Freemantle

  4. Ralph Percival Freemantle

  5. Ronald Hector Freemantle

  6. Fay Thelma Freemantle

  7. Patricia Freemantle

Hugh Bernardt COURT ( b Jubulpore1894, d 1967) married Amelia Josephine ??, children:

  1. Brian Court

  2. Sydney Court

  3. Norma Camille Court (b 28 Aug 1920)

  4. Benjan Hugh St John Court (b 1922)

Hugh Bernardt COURT (b Jubulpore1894, d 1967) divorced, at 39yrs on 5 Feb 1936 in Karachi married 24yr Beryl Evelyn DUDLEY , (b 1912 daughter of Gerald Dudley) children:

  1. Dudley Russell Court (b 20 Apr 1938 Bangalore)

  2. Charles Colin Court (b 4 Jun 1939, d 22 Jul 1939 Bangalore)

  3. Alfred Bruce Court b 1940

  4. Gerald Winston Court (b1943)

  5. Robert Court (Bob)

  6. Annette Colleen Teresa Court (b 1949)

  7. Adrian Court

  8. June Marie Elizabeth Court (b 12 Jun 1941 Poona)

  9. Arlyn David Court

 Next Generation

Norma Camille COURT (b 28 Aug 1920) at 20yrs on 22 Apr 1941 in Poona married 21yr Bernard George H COLLINS (b 1920 son of Edwin Reginald Collins)


Norma Camille COURT married Barney DICHOLL


Benjan Hugh St John COURT (b 1922) at 26yrs on 10 Apr 1948 in Jacob Circle, Bombay married 25yr Mary Iris PEREIRA (b 1923 daughter of Thervyn Anthony Pereira))



Dudley Russell COURT (b 1938, India) married Yvonne MARTIN ( dau. of Douglas and Florence Martin) Children:

  1. Lorraine Court m. Mark Haydon

  2. Marlene Court m. Eric Woodman

  3. Nigel Court m. Beverley Ann D'Cunhna

Alfred Bruce COURT (b.Apr 30 1940) married Martha WELDON (now divorced). Children:

  1. Arlyn Bruce Court

  2. Samantha Court

  3. Steven Court

  4. Peter Clinton Court

Robert COURT (Bob) married Joan KERR. children:

  1. Geraldine Court (b.28 Jul 1957, Calcutta, India)

  2. Robert Court

  3. Penelope Court

  4. Donna Court

  5. Natalie Court

  6. Richard Court (b1965 Calcutta, India)

  7. Christopher Court

  8. Craig Court

Gerald Winston COURT married Noreen EVANS, children:

  1. Gerald Court Jnr

  2. Rosalie Court

  3. Clifford Court (b1972, Rajokri New Delhi India)

  4. Sean C Court (b 1984 allahabad)

Annette Colleen Teresa COURT  married Brian Burress. Child:

  1. Lisa Marie Burress mar. Irven Crispin -Salipot

Adrian Arthur Marcelle COURT (b 1946) married Iona Malvern, children:

  1. Arleyene Court

  2. Samantha Court

Arlyn David COURT married ?? (1st marriage) Their child:

  1. Emeline Court

Arlyn David COURT married, 2nd marriage Edina BUDAI  Their child:

  1. Jessica Court

June COURT married George TENNENT Their child:

  1. Wayne Tennent

Next Generation

Lorraine COURT married Mark HAYDON


Marlene COURT married Eric WOODMAN


Nigel COURT married Beverley Ann D'CUNHA


Arlyn Bruce COURT married Melanie ??


Samantha COURT married Colin FISHER. They have 3 children


Steven COURT married Joanna Bralska, later divorced. Their children are:

  1. India Court (b1993)

  2. Darci Court (b 1995)

  3. Thynne Court (b 2000)

Robert COURT (b 1958, Calcutta, India) married Laura Judeline Cleophas (b 1962, Calcutta, India) Children:

  1. Jonathan Court (b.24 Nov 1990, Perth, WA)

  2. Andrew Court (b 1993, Perth, WA)

Penelope COURT (b 1960, Calcutta India) married Jaykrishan Nair Children:

  1. J. Dhaniya (b 1985, Calcutta, India)

  2. Nikhil Nair (b 1991)

Natalie COURT (b 1962, Calcutta, India) married George Bhandari Children:

  1. Richardo Bhandari (b 1986, Calcutta, India),

  2. Stephanie Bhandari (b 1988, Calcutta India)

  3. Christopher Ryan Bhandari (b 1990)

Craig COURT (b.16 May 1971, Calcutta, India) married Caroline D'ROZARIO (07 Jun year unknown, Perth WA) Children:

  1. Courtney Court (b 1999, Perth, WA)

  2. Cameron Court (b 2000 - d.2001, Perth, WA)

Gerald COURT Jr married Shaloo. Their child:

  1. Jennifer Court

  2. Ridge Court

Rosalie COURT married ?? (1st marriage). Their child:

  1. Wayne Wright.

Rosalie COURT married, 2nd marriage Rajiv ??.


Clifford COURT  (b1972, Rajokri New Delhi India) on 8th Sept 1996 in New Delhi married Soma Nag  (born 23/06/1976, Allahabad India), children

  1. Angelina Court (b 2002 Allahabad India)

  2. Clifford Allen Court
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Sean C COURT (b 1984 allahabad) married Michelle I EMANUEL (b Delhi) children:

  1. Averleen Noreen COURT (b 2009)

Arleyene COURT married Clifford Dweltz, children:

  1. Brandon Dweltz

  2. Jason Dweltz

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