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info from Tosha Cross


Thomas Watson CROSS married Mabel Estell REYNOLDS, Children.....

  1. Charles Cross,

  2. Bobby Cross,

  3. Howard Cross

  4. Jerry Cross,

  5. Pat Cross,

  6. Billy Cross,

  7. Annabell Cross

Next Generation

?? CROSS married ??, children:

  1. ??

Grandchildren.... Chip Cross, Howard Cross Jr.,Lisa Cross, Janie Cross, Tim Cross, Jennifer Cross, Mable Cross, Tosha Cross, Billy Cross, James Cross, Timothy Cross, Jessica Cross, Robert Cross, Candice Cross, Shannon Cross, Joey Cross

Next Generation

?? CROSS married ??, children:

  1. Tylor Cross

?? CROSS married ?? HERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Jazmin Hernandez

  2. Ginobili Hernandez


?? CROSS married ??, children:

  1. Benjamin Cross

Next Generation

Benjamin CROSS married ?, children:

  1. Alban Edmund Cross (b 1902)

Next Generation

Alban Edmund CROSS (b 1902) at 39yrs on 29 Nov 1941 in Upper Parel, Bombay married 38yr Sophia FERNANDEZ (b 14 Jul 1903, daughter of Francis & Evelin Fernandez), children:

  1. Joseph Dennis Cross (b 22 May 1941 Bombay)

  2. Lucy Clara Evelin Cross (b 17 Dec 1943 Poona)

  3. Catherine Geraldine Cross (b 25 Oct 1945 Poona)


?? CROSS married ??, children:

  1. Swithin Louis Cross

Next Generation

Swithin Louis CROSS on 20 Jun 1917 in Bombay married Ellen Gertrude POWER, (b 15 Sep 1901, c 13 Oct 1901 Madras) children:

  1. Louis Frank Cross (b 4 Apr 1925 Bombay)

  2. Ernest Joseph Samuel Cross (b 22 Jan 1929 Bombay)


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?? CROSS married ??, children:

  1. Ernest Hugh CROSS

Next Generation

Ernest Hugh CROSS married E Louisa ??, children:

  1. Anna Louisa Mary CROSS (born 8/8/1916, Lahore)

Next Generation

Anna Louisa Mary CROSS (b 8/8/1916, Lahore) married Douglas Herbert KEYMER (born 30/9/1914 Lucknow India) in Mussoorrie on 21/11/1950 children:

  1. Stanley Ernest Keymer (b 13/10/51, Mussorrie, India).


Info supplied by Ivan Stephens <>


?? CROSS married ??, children:

  1. Sheila Cross (b ?)

Next Generation


Sheila CROSS (b ?) married Eugene Frank STEPHENS (known as Sunbun) changed name from Eugene Frank D'CUNHA,children:

  1. Blossom Stephens

  2. Ivan Stephens married Julie ?, children: Naomi Ivan Stephens

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