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David STEPHENS married Elizabeth ?? (b 1793, d 14 Oct 1818 St Thomas Mount, age 25), children:

  1. Elizabeth Stephens (b 2 Oct 1818, d 9 Oct 1818, St Thomas Mount)

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John David STEPHENS married Clarisa ??, children:

  1. Gregory David Stephens (b 25 Jul 1836 Madras, d 8 Apr 1899 Saidapet)

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Gregory David STEPHENS (b 25 Jul 1836 Madras, d 8 Apr 1899 Saidapet) at 19yrs on 29 Jan 1855 in Madras married Anne Cecilia PEREIRA, (born of Joseph Vister Pereira) children:

  1. Samuel Stephens (b 4 Feb 1856)

  2. David Gregory Stephens (b 9 May 1858 Madras, d 26 Jan 1906 Guindy)

  3. Mary Stephens (b 12 Jan 1862 Madras)

  4. William David Stephens (b 18 Feb 1865 Madras)

  5. Albert Patrick Stephens (b 6 Mar 1867 Madras)

  6. Beatrice Maud Stephens (b 28 Jul 1872 Madras)

Next Generation

Samuel STEPHENS (b 1856) at 42yrs on 29 Sep 1898 in Madras married 18yr Betsy Harriett DWYER (b 1880 daughter of Charles Henry Dwyer)


David Gregory STEPHENS (b 9 May 1858 Madras, d 26 Jan 1906 Guindy) married Martha Letitia ?, children:

  1. Christopher Bernard Stephens (b 19 Jan 1897 Pallavaram, d 10 May 1899 Saidapet))

  2. Thomas Anthony Gregory Stephens (b 6 Oct 1904 Saidapet, d 8 Jun 1906)


info from aaron thibble

?? STEPHENS married ??, children:

  1. George STEPHENS (b 9/04/1907)

Next Generation

George STEPHENS (b1907) in 1946 married Aureen PETERS (b1929), children:

  1. montford stephens (b1947)

  2. norlin stephens

  3. milton stephens

  4. vanessa stephens (b1957)

Next Generation

Vanessa STEPHENS (b 1957) in 1985 married Meredith THIBBLE (b1956), children,

  1. Zanillya thibble b1986,

  2. Aaron thibble b1988



info from Aureen Ann Stephens

William Stephens born in Glascote, Tamworth, UK in 1861 son of Emmanuel and Cecily Stephens.  William went to India (no date) and we think he married a lady from Goa (no name) at St. Georges Church, Wellington Town, Nilgiris, India.  He had 3 sons, Dudley, Stanley and George Emmanuel, and two daughters, Iris and Olive.  Dudley died in India, Stanley went to Perth, Australia with his two children.  George Emmanuel is the father of my husband William James Stephens.  George Emmanuel died in India 1968.  We are looking for relations of Stanley's two children in Australia or any relations to Iris and Olive, we do not know where they went. Aureen Ann Stephens


Emanuel STEPHENS married ??, children:

  1. Emmanuel Stephens.(b 1823 Offenham, Worcestershire)

Next Generation

Emanuel STEPHENS, Agricultural Labourer (b 1823 Offenham, Worcestershire) at 30yrs on 8 Mar 1852 in Fazeley, Staffordshire, England married 29yr Cecillia SMITH of Atherstone St (b 1823 Kirkby, Nottinghamshire, daughter of John Smith) children:

  1. George Stephens (b 1845 Offenham, Worcestershire )

  2. Ann Stephens (b 1847 Offenham, Worcestershire )

  3. Emanuel Stephens (b 1850 Offenham, Worcestershire )

  4. Priscilla Stephens (b 1853 Glascote, Warwickshire, UK)

  5. Emma Stephens (b 1855 Glascote, Warwickshire, UK)

  6. Samjuel Stephens (b 1857 Glascote, Warwickshire, UK)

  7. William Stephens (b 1861 in Glascote, Warwickshire, UK, d India)

  8. John Stephens (b 1864 Glascote, Warwickshire, UK)

Next Generation

William STEPHENS (b 1861 in Glascote, Warwickshire, UK, d India) married a lady Eva Rachel ?? (b 1865, d 9 Apr 1937 Cawnpore age 72, from Goa at St. Georges Church, Wellington Town, Nilgiris, India.)  He had 3 sons,  and 2 daughters .

  1. Iris Stephens (b 1 Jun 1888 Bangalore)

  2. Leila Stephens (b 31 Jul 1890 Renigunta)

  3. Dudley William Stephens (b 22 Nov 1892 Bangalore)

  4. Olive Stephens (b 15 Aug 1895 Bangalore)

  5. George Emmanuel Stephens (b 4 Jun 1897 Jubbulpore, d 1968 India)

  6. Stanley Eric Rudolph Stephens ( 4 Feb 1908 Jubbulpore)

Next Generation

Stanley STEPHENS married ??, 2 children (went to Perth with his family).


George Emmanuel STEPHENS (b ?, d 1968 India) married ??, children:

  1. William James Stephens

Next Generation

William James STEPHENS married Aureen Ann ??.



info from Antoinette


?? STEPHENS married ??, children:

  1. Antoinette Stephens

Next Generation

Antoinette STEPHENS on 9- september-2006 at Our Lady Lourdes Shrine -Perambur -  chennai, married Sean HOOPER



info from Dermot Fewkes

?? STEPHENS married ??, children:

  1. Mavis Rita Stephens

Next Generation

Mavis Rita STEPHENS married Cyril Wilmot FEWKES


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?? STEPHENS married ??, children:

  1. Rebecca STEPHENS

Next Generation

Rebecca STEPHENS married Roger BERNARD LAZARO (b 1968) have two kids

  1. Jessica Kristan Lazaro (b1999) 

  2. Kurt Timothy Lazaro (b2001)now living in Melbourne


info from Ryan Stephens


?? STEPHENS married ??, children:

  1.  ?? Stephens

  2. Andrew Stephens

Next Generation

?? STEPHENS married ??, children:

  1. Allen STEPHENS

Andrew STEPHENS married ??, children:

  1. Peter Stephens

Next Generation

Allen STEPHENS married Geralyn Josephine FONCECA, children :

  1. Anna Fonceca

  2. Jude Fonceca

  3. Jonathan Fonceca

Peter STEPHENS (working in Guwahati, Assam) in June 1981 married Catherine FITZPATRICK , Son:

  1. Ryan Stephens, now working in Delhi


Info to be supplied by Ivan Stephens <>


Frank D'CUNHA (b 1900) married ?? ;2 children:

  1. Eugene Frank D'Cunha (known as Sunbun), changed name to Eugene Frank STEPHENS

  2. ?? D'Cunha (known as Cookoo).

Next Generation

Eugene Frank STEPHENS (Sunbun, son of Frank D'CUNHA) (name changed from Eugene Frank D'CUNHA) (known as Sunbun) married Sheila CROSS, children:

  1. Blossom Stephens

  2. Ivan Stephens

Next Generation

Ivan STEPHENS married Julie ?, children:

  1. Naomi Ivan Stephens


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