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(Josiah John DEAN was born in the Parish of Gillingham, near the town of Chatham, in the County of Kent on the 28th of December 1835. Army birth records indicate that Josiah's father was serving in the Royal Sappers and Miners at the time of his birth. As a young lad, prior to entering the Army, Josiah worked as a Tailor, or given his age, more likely as a Tailor's Helper. According to Army records, Josiah spent time in India between 16/11/1857 and 1/8/1860.

India (1857-1860)

Unrest in India led to the mutiny of part of the East India Company's army in 1857. Sapper Dean was also to see active service in the campaign to put down the Sepoy rebellion. Dean saw action in the Battle at Aliwah from the 19th to the 24th of January 1854. The campaign in central India ended in June of 1858, but the 11th Company remained in India until 1860 before it was posted home. For his service Dean was awarded the Indian Mutiny Medal with clasp.

Josiah Dean was placed on the married rolls on the 7th of August 1864. Presumably he married his wife Laura on that date or shortly before. The fact that he was court-martialed for drunkenness on the following day may indicate that he celebrated too much at his wedding reception on the 7th. Dean's service papers do not record the birth of any children while he was in the army.

No information regarding Josiah John Dean or Laura Dean could be found in the 1881 British Census. Similarly, a search of the 1901 British Census produced negative results.)



Any information on the Phillips or Dean families who left India on the SS Strathead for Britain in 1949.  Therese Mary Phillips



info from J L Dean


Harold DEAN (b c.1880, ? Died c.1919) married Alice Mabel McNAMARA (b 1882, Allahabad, Bengal). Children:

  1. Rhoda Lillian DEAN (b 1905 Cawnpore, Bengal. Died 1990 Colchester, Essex, UK)

  2. Wesley Marvin DEAN (b 1906 Cawnpore, Bengal)

  3. Harold Tom DEAN (b 1907 Cawnpore, Bengal. Died c.1952)

Next Generation

Harold Tom DEAN (b 1907 Cawnpore, Bengal. d 1990 Colchester, Essex, UK) married Daphne
Haripsima WILKINSON (b 16 Sept 1915 Calcutta. d 2010). Children:

  1. Robert Eric Dean (b 1939, Agra)

  2. Valerie Leona Dean (b 1940 Kharagpur, Bengal)

  3. Trevor Michael Dean (b 1941 Agral. d 2011 Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)

  4. Carlisle Patrick Dean (b 1945 Kharagpur, Bengal)

  5. Julian Harold Dean (b 1946 Kharagpur, Bengal. d 1985 Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)

  6. Jennifer Ann Dean (b 1948 Kharagpur, Bengal)

Next Generation

Julian Harold DEAN (b 1946 Kharagpur, Bengal. Died 1985 Luton, Bedfordshire, UK) married M. DUGGAN (b 1954 Waterford, Ireland). Children:

  1. P. Dean (b 1976 Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)

  2. James Louis Dean (b 1978 Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)

  3. W. Dean (b 1981 Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)


info from


?? DEAN married Daphney ??, (family lived in Ripon Lane, Calcutta before migrating to Australia) children:

  1. Jennifer Dean

  2. Randall Dean

  3. Roger Dean

  4. Michelle Dean

  5. ?? Dean (daughter)


info from Lorraine Reghelini


? DEAN married ??, children:

  1. Jane Dean

Next Generation

Jane DEAN (b 1986 Bangalore) married Peter R SMITH (b1982 Madras)

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