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My great grandfather was William Wilkinson, born in the East Indies (probably Singapore) around 1854. His father was Henry Wilkinson, already deceased in 1878 when he married Sarah Hatton in Portsmouth, England. As yet, I have been unable to find out anything more about his birth. Can anyone help please. Jo Martin jomartin183@hotmail.com


info from Jennifer Bartels ademou@videotron.ca , Terry Diana Tagg terriedtagg@aol.com , J L Dean <deanjl33@hotmail.com valerie dsouza valerieleona@msn.com


?? WILKINSON married ??, children:

  1. Robert WILKINSON (b 1794 England ? Sexton)

Next Generation

Robert WILKINSON CEVB (b 1794 England ? Sexton. Died 1859 Vizagapatam) married Jane ? (b 1810. Died 1839).


  1. Jane WILKINSON (b 1834. Died 1850)

  2. Ann WILKINSON (b 1837 Vizagapatam. Died 1856 Tripasorre, Madras)

  3. Robert WILKINSON (jr) (b 1839 Vizagapatam)

Robert WILKINSON CEVB (b 1794 England? Sexton. Died 1859 Vizagapatam) married (his 2nd marriage) Amelia RAYNARD (b 1812. Died 1872 Vizagapatam).


Next Generation

Jane WILKINSON (b 1834. d 1850) married Thomas ROBERTSON (b 1817. Second Corporal in the Sappers and Miners. Died 1864 Palavaram, Madras)

Ann WILKINSON (b 1837 Vizagapatam. Died 1856 Tripasorre, Madras) married Thomas SIMPSON (b 1819)


Robert WILKINSON (jr) (b 1839 Vizagapatam) married Mary Ann NOWLAN (b 1845. d 1863 Gounda, Madras) Children:

1. Charlotte WILKINSON (b 1847 Vizagapatam, Madras)
2. George Henry WILKINSON (b 1843 Vizagapatam, Madras. d 1923 Calcutta)
3. Harriett WILKINSON (b 1847 Vizagapatam, Madras)
4. James Christopher WILKINSON (b 1850 Vizagapatam, Madras)
5. Christian Raynard WILKINSON (b 1852 Vizagapatam, Madras. d 1909 Coconada)

James Christopher Wilkinson's father was born in the UK, from papers i have from James Edmund Wilkinson his granddad was born in Devonshire and was in the battle of waterloo and then went out to India and served in the 5th Light infantry.


Next Generation

James Christopher WILKINSON, (b 1850 Vizagapatam, Madras) Telegraph Manager at Kamptee married Jane Elizabeth NEWBERRY (b 1858 Coconada, Madras. Died 1910), a diplomaed Nurse and Midwife at Kamptee, they had the following children:

  1. Amelia Ann Matilda Wilkinson b. 1878 married Edwin Jenkins in 1895

  2. Edith Jane Wilkinson b. 1880

  3. Robert William Nugent Wilkinson b.1882

  4. Alice Constance Maud Wilkinson b. 1883

  5. Georgiana Eveline Wilkinson b.1886

  6. Inez Emeline Blanche Wilkinson b 1892 married Richard Charles Ashworth Bartels b. 1886

  7. James Edmund Wilkinson b 6 feb 1899, Kamptee

Next Generation

Robert William Nugent WILKINSON (b 1882, Agra) married Leona Amelia D’SILVA (b 1892, Calcutta) in Calcutta Feb 5th 1912. Children:

1. Daphne Hiripsima WILKINSON (b 1912, Agra)

Inez Emmeline Blanche WILKINSON married Richard Charles Ashworth-Bartels :-

  1. Edgar Reginald Ashworth-Bartels

  2. Edmund Richard Ashworth-Bartels b1912 Betgeri Gadag (Bombay) b1917 Adra near Calcutta

James Edmund WILKINSON married Daisy PIERCE (daughter of Ebenezer John Douglas Pierce and Alice may, from Gunipur Vizag District and vizagapatam), children:

  1. Alice Jane Wilkinson, india

  2. Coleen Wilkison, India

  3. P Wilkinson, India

  4. Maud Wilkinson, India - died 1939

Next Generation

Daphne Haripsima WILKINSON (b 16 Sept 1915 Calcutta. d 2010) married Harold Tom DEAN (b 30 Aug 1907, Cawnpore, d 1990 Colchester, Essex, UK), Children:

  1. Robert Eric Dean (b 1939, Agra)

  2. Valerie Leona Dean (b 1940 Kharagpur, Bengal) married ? DSouza

  3. Trevor Michael Dean (b 1941 Agral. d 2011 Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)

  4. Carlisle Patrick Dean (b 1945 Kharagpur, Bengal)

  5. Julian Harold Dean (b 1946 Kharagpur, Bengal. d 1985 Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)

  6. Jennifer Ann Dean (b 1948 Kharagpur, Bengal)

Alice Jane WILKINSON and Larry (lanson) GOW, children:

  1. Liz Gow

  2. Pat Gow

  3. Lesley Gow

  4. Marlene Gow married Ron Newland, children: Sally Newland, Emma Newland, Kim Newland

  5. Tony Gow

Coleen Wilkison, India, married John BOND


P Wilkinson, India, married L NASH


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