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Constance May DENNIS married Norman Hugh LOVEJOY (Born on 23 Oct 1905). They had one child:

  1. Randolph Joseph Lovejoy. Born on 8 Dec 1932.


Florence 'Flossie' Gladys DENNIS (b.4/01/1913;d.1986) married Hubert James BROUGHTON. They had 6 children:

  1. Yolanda Clarice Broughton (b.1938)

  2. Pamela Joan Broughton (b. 1939) married Mahinder MURARI (b. ??)

  3. Anne Victoria Broughton (b.1945) married Michael RUTHNASWAMY (b. ??)

  4. Jean Heather Broughton (b.1943) married Darius Nariman IRANI (b.1940)

  5. Elizabeth Alexandra Broughton (b.1953) married Gregory HAUBRICH (b.1952)

  6. Hugh Samuel Broughton (b.1947; d.1973)

Mona Constance DENNIS (b.1923) married Sydney Samuel BROUGHTON. They had one daughter:

  1. Lyn Broughton (b.1951) married to Harold Milton AYER Jnr (b.1956)


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?? DENNIS married ??, children:

  1. Ruth DENNIS (born in Trichy, India on 17 May 1872, †died in Trivandrum on 27 Dec.1955, aged 83),

  2. John David DENNIS

Next Generation

Ruth DENNIS (1872-1955) married, 1st Marriage to William Norman STEPHENSON, two daughters

  1. Ethel Stephenson, (born at Trichy on 28 April 1893, †died at Madras 13 Dec.1964, aged 71). Married in Trichy to Benedict Anthony "Ben" Richardson (born at Hyderabad Deccan on 21 Nov.1884, †died at Madras 14 Oct 1935, aged 51). Ben was the son of Henry Peter & Susanna Richardson. Also Ben Richardson had two elder sisters, Marian Matilda Richardson (born 22 Nov.1880), and Theodora Celestine Richardson (born 31 Oct.1882) (No children).

  2. Mary Mildred Constance "Millie" Stephenson  (born at Trichy on 8 Aug.1900, †died at Madurai on14 Oct.1932, aged 32), on 7 Sept.1921 married in Madurai to John Burton FULLER (born 20 Jan.1896, †died 28 Nov.1950, aged 54, son of Albert James Fuller and Helen Narcis) (8 children.)

Ruth DENNIS (1872-1955) then married, 2nd marriage,  John Richard WATKINS, (born at Madras on 9 Sep.1870, †died at Madurai 15 Jan.1932, aged 62)  by whom she had two sons

  1. Noel Watkins

  2. Mervyn Watkins

John David DENNIS married Miss Joan KELLY (daughter of a British military officer. The officer is buried at the cemetery in Trichy). (at least) two Children,

  1. Ebenezer John Dennis (b1889)

  2. Herbert Norman. Dennis.

Next Generation

Ebenezer John DENNIS (born 1889), married Mary Winifred TUCKER in 1903: (14 children)

  1. Dulcie Dennis, teacher

  2. Adeline Dennis, married Richard Iliff and had 4 children, Jack Iliff, Roxy Iliff, Glenn Iliff, June Iliff

  3. Merlin Dennis, in UK

  4. Connie Dennis, in UK

  5. Anto Dennis, in Bitragunta

  6. Daisy Dennis (now dead) married Arthur Meneaud

  7. Bridget Dennis

  8. Babsy Dennis, Nurse at GH Trichy

  9. Yvonne Dennis, in UK

  10. Teresa Dennis, nun Sister Mary Christet, Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

  11. Clemmy Dennis

  12. Ivor Dennis (born June 1963)

  13. Tommy Dennis

  14. Celine Dennis

Herbert Norman DENNIS born ? married ? (one child?)

  1. Isabel Dennis (born ?) lives in Madras?

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