DRAPER Family Tree

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info submitted by judy_quintal@yahoo.ca

?? DRAPER married ??, children:

  1. Raymond DRAPER

Next Generation

Raymond DRAPER married Mary DeSouza.  lives in Asansol.  five children:

  1. Kevin Draper
  2. Jacquline (Jackie) Draper
  3. Judy Draper
  4. Lorrine Draper married Dudley O'Conner - one son Dominic (Qatar)
  5. ??

Next Generation

Kevin Draper married Annabel Martens (Kothagari) - children two sons:

  1.  ?
  2.  ?

Jacquline (Jackie) Draper married Wilson Rodriques - children

  1. Stephenie Rodriques
  2. Wayne Rodriques (Asansol - India)

Judy Draper married Winston QUINTAL - children

  1. Winston (Jr),
  2. Alisha and
  3. Nathan (Toronto - Canada)

Lorrine Draper married Dudley O'Conner - one son

  1. Dominic (Qatar)


info submitted by rick.desmier@bigpond.com

?? DRAPER married ??, children:

  1. Carole DRAPER

Next Generation

Carole DRAPER married Patrick Vincent DESMIER (b. 30 Sep 1932, occupation Chief Booking Office ClerkPatrick and family live in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India, children:

  1. Marie Desmier              
  2. Ingrid Desmier              
  3. Noella Desmier              
  4. Dominic Desmier   m. Colleen Jeremiah    * Cassindra Desmier    


info submitted by Jeffrey Wheeler  jwheeler@global.net.au on 24/12/2001

?? DRAPER married ??, children:

  1. William J J DRAPER

Next Generation

William J J DRAPER married Maud GREGORY, children

  1. Kathleen Constance Draper

Next Generation 

Kathleen Constance DRAPER (born 5th July 1917; deceased in Calcutta December 1989) married Victor George CROCKER, children

  1. Claudette CROCKER,
  2. Neville CROCKER, 
  3. Marlene Averil CROCKER, 
  4. Greta CROCKER

(some Drapers still reside in Adra West Bengal.)

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