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?? GREGORY married ??, children:

  1. Mathias GREGORY

Next Generation

Mathias GREGORY married ?

  1. Ophelia Gregory (b 1867)

  2. Ellen Harriet Gregory (b 1872

  3. Annie Marie Gregory (b 1876

Next Generation

Ophelia GREGORY (b 1867) at 40yrs on 21 May 1907 in Calcutta married 35yr widower George William HARRISON (b 1873)


Ellen Harriet GREGORY (b 1872) at 25yrs on 28 Jul 1897 in Dhurrumtollah married 24yr George William HARRISON (b 1873)


Annie Marie GREGORY (b 1876) at 22yrs on 7 Jul 1898 in Dhurrumtollah married 23yr Charles Gilbert HARRISON (b 1875), children:

  1. Elma May Harrison (b 14 Oct 1899 Dhurrumtollah)

  2. Gladys Mary Harrison (b 26 Nov 1901 Dhurrumtollah)


info from Candida Ruth Gregory

?? GREGORY married ??, children:

  1. Hamish GREGORY

Next Generation

Hamish GREGORY married Helen ??, children:

  1. Alan Michael Dameon Gregory (b ?)

Next Generation

Alan Michael Dameon Gregory married June Remona Philomena D'ROZARIA , children::

  1. Deborah Gregory (b ?)

  2. Candida Ruth Gregory (b ?)

Next Generation

Deborah GREGORY married Jitender KAPOOR, son:

  1.  Rohan

Candida Ruth GREGORY married Richard Alexander JOHNSON (b ?) - their offspring is

  1. Jessica Ann Johnson


info submitted by Jeffrey Wheeler on 24/12/2001

?? GREGORY married ??, children:

  1. Maud GREGORY

Next Generation

Maud GREGORY married William J J DRAPER, children :

  1. Kathleen Constance Draper


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