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?? EARLE married ??, children:

  1. Solomon Earle (b. abt 1754 d. aft 1824)

Next Generation

Solomon EARLE b. abt 1754 d. aft 1824 married. Aug 1787 Rose RENNELL , children: 

Descendants of Solomon EARLE

  1. Sophia EARLE married Richard LIPSCOMBE before 1824

  2. Susannah EARLE married Major Louis BIRD at Meerut 1840

  3. John Lucas EARLE b. 29 Jan 1791 d. 12 Oct 1845

  4. William Henry EARLE b. 27 Jan 1794 d. 18 Nov 1846

  5. Solomon EARLE b. 26 Jan 1797 d. 6 Jun 1858

  6.  ?? EARLE married ? Raine  Mentioned in Harriets memoirs as being the aunt who looked after her in UK until she was 16.

From Hodson's List of Bengal Army Officers:

William Henry Earle (1794-1846).  Bt. Lt. Colonel, 39th N.I. b. Ashburton, Devon, 27 Jan. 1794.  Cadet 1808. Arrived in India 30 July 1809.  Ensign 21 Nov. 1809.  Lieut. 16 Dec. 1814.  Capt. 13 May 1825.     Major 18 Mar. 1845.  Bt. Lt. Col. 30 Apr. 1844. d. Berhampore 18 Nov. 1846. Son of Solomon Earle, q.v. and Rose his wife.  Brother of John Lucas Earle, q.v. m. Meerut, 12 Feb. 1821, Jane dau. John Augustus Shadwell, q.v.  His dau. m. John Charles Haslock, q.v.  Services: Barasat C.C. for 10 mos.  Posted as Ensign to 19thN.I.  Nepal War  1814-5; Lieut. 1/19 N.I., 3rd Coy. Pioneers. in 1st Div.  Served with Pioneers     for the next 10 years. Nepal War 1816. Siege and capture of Hathras 1817.  Third Mahratta War; Mandala (Lond. Gaz. 7 Dec. 1818). Operations in Jodhpur  1823; Lamba.  First Burma War 1824-5.  Adjt. Pioneers 12 June 1823 till 28  Sept. 1825.  Transfd. to 39th N.I. (late 2/19th) May 1824. Deputy Assistant Adjutant General to troops for service in Merwara 5 Aug. 1838     till 14 Oct. 1839.  Bde. Major at Karnal 5 May 1841 till 14 Apr. 1842.  With Army of Reserve (for Afghanistan) Oct. 1842 till Jan. 1843.  Gwalior campaign; Paniar (s.w.); Bt. Major 39th N.I. (Bronze Star). (Lond. Gaz. 8 Mar. 1844.)  Refs.: A.J. xii. 290.  2 Solomon Earle b. 26 Jan 1797 d. 6 Jun 1858 m. Bridget Maples  Services: Lieut. 2nd Bn Light Infantry, Kings German Legion 11 Oct 1813 with which corps he is said to have served at the Battle of Waterloo. Ensign d.d. 30th Native Infantry 1819. Posted as Lieut. to 2/22nd N.I. in 1820. Furloughed 6 Feb 1821 till 1822. Transfd. to 44th N.I. May 1824 (late 2/22nd): to 43rd N.I. in 1825. Refs: Allen's India Mail 27 July 1858, p625. Invalided 11 Apr 1828; Promoted to Lieut. 8/1/1820.

(Captain commanding 2nd battalion resident at Court of baroda 1781-3   Command of 1/30th native Infantry 1784. Furlough s.c. 3 years 6 Dec 1785 and   was still on furlough in 1790. Appointed Captain and Paymaster to   1/30th 1814-1816 at Chatham. Retired on pension 1816.   Other references: East India Military calendar by J Phillipant vol 2,368-75   History of the bengal Native Infantry by J Williams p88   Gentelmans magazine1787 vol 2 p835     From Hodson's List of Officers in Bengal Army Appointed as Cadet 29 Dec 1767; Arrived in India 21 Aug 1768; promoted to Ensign 13 Feb 1769; posted to 17th battalion Sepoys 1769; promoted to Lieut 15th May 1770; transferred to 2nd Battalion 1776. Fought in First Mahratta War 1778-84;promoted to Captain 21 Aug 1779 when he took command of 2nd Battalion. Siege and capture of Ahmedabad; action at Pawangargh.)

Next Generation

Sophia EARLE married Richard LIPSCOMBE before 1824

Susannah EARLE married Major Louis BIRD at Meerut 1840

John Lucas EARLE b. 29 Jan 1791 d. 12 Oct 1845 married. Mary Jane LEMPRIERE d. 18 Jun 1890, children:

  1. Susan Mary EARLE

  2. John Earle  At the time of Harriet's return to India (1845?) John was serving in the 24th Native Infantry    

  3.  --- Earle b. bef 1828    

  4. Harriet Christina Earle b. 03 Oct 1828 d. 24 Nov 1907

  5. Edward Lempriere Earle In the notes of Harriet's memoirs it is mentioned that he was wounded on 11th September (1857?) and at that time was 1st Lieutenant in the Bengal Artillery    

  6. Emily Earle m. ---- Comfrey   Referred to in Harriet's memoirs as her younger sister    

  7. ---- Earle b. abt 1836 referred to by Harriet as her youngest sister    

  8.  ---- Earle Referred to in Harriet's memoirs as going to England with her mother and younger sister. Age and order of birth not known

(From Hodson's List of Officers in the Bengal Army     John Lucas Earle     (1791-1845). Lieut. Colonel, 3rd N.I.     b. Ashburton, Devon, 29 Jan. 1791. Cadet 1805. Arrived in India 7 Apr. 1807.     Ensign 12 Apr 1807. Lieut. 15 June 1809. Capt. 5 Mar. 1823. Major 31 Mar. 1835. Lt. Col.24 Dec. 1841 d. Hoshangabad, C.P., 12 Oct. 1845.  married Mary Jane. (She died 18 June 1890.) His daus. m. William Young     Siddons, and Robert Christopher Tytler.     Services: Barasat C.C. for 11.5 months. Posted as Ensign to 8th N.I.     Expedn. to Mauritius 1810; Lieut. 2nd Bn. Bengal Vols. 1816; Lieut.1/8th N.I.      in 2nd Bde., Left Column. Leave u.p.a. to Mauritius 15 Nov. 1816; fur. s.c.     from Cape 27 June 1817 till 11 Sept. 1819. Fort Adjt. at Asirgarh 22 May 1820     till 1825.  Transfd. to 9th N.I. (late 1/8th) May 1824. Actg. Bde. Major in     Rohilkhand 1 June 1826. Leave u.p.a. to Tasmania 25 Nov. 1831.  To comd. 2nd     Recruit Depot Bn. at Fatehgarh 7 Sept. 1839.  Posted as Lt. Col. to 3rd N.I.     19 Jan. 1842.     Refs.: Will dated Hussingbad 26 Sept. 1845; proved 14 Jan. 1846.     3 Susan Mary Earle m. 1843 William Young Siddons b. 1815 d. 21 Sep 1851     3 John Earle             At the time of Harriet's return to India (1845?) John was serving in the 24th Native Infantry)

William Henry EARLE b. 27 Jan 1794 d. 18 Nov 1846 married 12 Feb 1821 Jane SHADWELL, children:

  1. Mary Anne Shadwell Earle b. 15 May 1822  

  2. William Shadwell Earle

Solomon EARLE b. 26 Jan 1797 d. 6 Jun 1858 married Bridget MAPLES, children:

  1. Thomas Carnan Cowslade Earle b. bef Jul 24 1824    

  2. Edward William Earle b. 25 Sep 1826 m. unknown  , married (2nd marriage). 27 Dec 1860 Caroline Mary Beecher  ,  married (3rd marriage). 10 Jun 1863 Sarah Ann Poulson

---- EARLE married.-- RAINE   Mentioned in Harriets memoirs as being the aunt who looked after her in UK until she was 16.

Next Generation

Susan Mary EARLE married 1843 William Young SIDDONS b. 1815 d. 21 Sep 1851

Harriet Christina EARLE b. 03 Oct 1828 d. 24 Nov 1907 married 2 Mar 1848 Robert Christopher TYTLER b. 25 Sep 1818 d. 10 Sep 1872, children:

  1. Frederick John Lucas TYTLER b. 01 Feb 1849 d. 03 Mar 1912

(Harriet wrote her memoirs when she was between 75 and 77 years old (1903-6). The story was first published in Chambers Journal in 1931 and a more detailed version published in 1986 "An Englishwoman in India; the memoirs of Harriet Tytler 1828-1858" Edited by Anthony Sattin Oxford University Press. In the book she writes of having an elder sister and two elder brothers (p5). There were also two younger sisters and a younger brother referred to. It is mentioned in the book that she had 10 children 8 of which survived.)

Edward William Earle b. 25 Sep 1826 married. unknown  ,

Edward William Earle b. 25 Sep 1826 married (2nd marriage) 27 Dec 1860 Caroline Mary BEECHER

Edward William Earle b. 25 Sep 1826 married (3rd marriage). 10 Jun 1863 Sarah Ann POULSON, children:

  1. Edith Anne Earle b. 26 Nov 1876 d. cir1950 m. 9 Jun 1909 William Edmond Desmier b. 8 Dec 1879 d. cir1945  Buried in Earle family Vault South Park Street (Lower Circular Road Cemetery) Calcutta. Address at time of marriage to William was 9 Williams Lane.

Next Generation

Edith Anne EARLE b. 26 Nov 1876 d. cir1950 married. 9 Jun 1909 William Edmond DESMIER b. 8 Dec 1879 d. cir1945  Buried in Earle family Vault South Park Street (Lower Circular Road Cemetery) Calcutta. Address at time of marriage to William was 9 Williams Lane.

  1. Eric William Samuel Desmier b. 29 Nov 1910 d. 20 October 2000  

  2. Edith M Desmier b. 10 Jun 1912 m. -------- Jan   m. Harold EWALD        

  3. Frederick Earle Desmier b.abt 1915 d.13 Mar 1930 Died from cerebral malaria although Terry believes that it was too much morphine given to him by the doctor that killed him.        

  4. Terence Earle Desmier b. 1 Jan 1916 d. 8 August 2001 m. 27 Jan 1941 Alma May Piper b. 26 Jan 1917 d. 29 May 1992 . Terry was born in India and had a good childhood living in several different locations as his father was an Engineer who changed his job frequently working with different railway companies and the Public Works department. He used to frequently tell stories about his childhood. About Buckoo the pet deer that they eventually gave to the Zoo in Bangalore. About going tiger shooting when he was eight years old with his father because the tiger was frightening the villagers. About how he was the school champion swimmer winning all the events and they commissioned a special trophy for him. About how he once saved a man from drowning in a dam by diving in to rescue him.  Terry left India in August 1934 at the age of 18. He went to England to study as a ship's Wireless Operator. He passed his exams for a position with Marconi in December 1935. marconi was the company that at the time supplied operators to the shipping lines. As there was a waiting list of about 6 to 9 months for positions on ships he then went to do further study at the british radio Engineering College. He worked for several radio companies the last of which was with the Boosey & Hawkes Hammond Organ Company who he was with for about 2 years.  He joined the RAF the day that war was declared. He went to their college at Colwyn Bay in Wales and then Clapham in London. He was stationed as a corporal (wireless operator) at Hendon, London (Googe St.), Leighton (Bedfordshire), Whitehall, Cardington and Cranwell. He continued with this type of work after the war working for Cable & Wireless later to become British Telecom.   His hobby and interest was farming and he had a hobby farm of 40 acres in Burgess Hill in Sussex for many years where he reared beef cattle and reared and kept laying poultry and fattened turkeys for the christmas market.      In Hurstpierpoint, sussex  where he retired to he has an allottment where he grew all his own fruit and vegetables. He was devoted to Alma who was crippled with Arthritis and retired from his work in London to care for her. After Alma died he emigrated to Australia to live with his son Richard (Rick) and daughter in law carole in Angle Vale. He built a new house across the road from Rick and Carole choosing all the brick work and furnishings himself. He was very independent baking his own biscuits and other things.  Carole had to ask him to stop bringing his biscuits across as the girls were eating too many of them.  It wasn't long before he had a garden established and many people made comments about how good the front garden looked with all the flowers, he seemed to have a natural touch in getting things to grow.  He brought Alma'a ashes with him to Australia and they were buried in the Angle vale cemetery. He used to visit her grave each wednesday taking flowers collected from his garden. He always put others before himself and never lost his temper.  In 2001 after his 85th birthday he started to get more breathless and was finding it tiring to just walk across the road. For some reason he sustained a stress fracture in his left leg which at first they thought was associated with the spread of prostate cancer to his bones. He had an operation to replace the top of his femur which was successful and he was recovering well but complications set in and he died from these two weeks after the operation.    


Maggie GARDINER lewisgeorge@btopenworld.com

Can anyone give me any information on my maternal family. My great grandparents were Fredrick Maurice EARLE and Mary Winifred EARLE from Calcutta. They had 3 sons CLARENCE, REDMOND AND NEVILLE. My Grandfather was CLARENCE, He married my grandmother ELIZABETH in Ireland.  They then returned to Calcutta and had 1 daughter, ANASTASIA, who later returned to Ireland.  I would like any info on the family. I hope someone can help.  Maggie GARDINER lewisgeorge@btopenworld.com

Fredrick Maurice EARLE married Winifred ? from Calcutta. They had 3 sons:

  1. Clarence Earle

  2. Redmond Earle

  3. Neville Earle

Next Generation

Clarence EARLE married Elizabeth ?? in Ireland, children:

  1. Anastasia Earle (born in Calcutta)

Next Generation

Anastasia EARLE married ??, children:

  1. Margaret ?

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