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Robert TYTLER married ??, children:

  1. Robert Christopher Tytler (b 1819 d. 1872)

Next Generation

Robert Christopher TYTLER (b 1819 d. 1872) at 24yrs on 21 Jan 1843 in Meerut married 19yr Isabella NEILSON (b 1824, daughter of Francis Neilson), children:

  1. Robert Francis Christopher Alexander Tytler (b 13 Dec 1843 Agra, d 19 Oct 1916 England)

  2. Adam Gillies Tytler (b 14 May 1845)

Robert Christopher TYTLER (b 1819 d. 1872) on 8 Mar 1848 in Lucknow married Harriet Christina EARLE (b 1828, daughter of John Lucas Earle, d 1907), children:

  1. Frederick John Lucas TYTLER b. 1849 d.  1912

  2. George Snowberg Fraser Tytler (b 30 Oct 1850 Agra, d 5 Nov 1850 Barrackpore, Mentioned in Harriet's memoirs page 77.      

  3. Francis William Tytler (b 5 Sep 1852 Dacca, d. abt 1939)

  4. Edith Mary Gillies Tytler (b 27 Jun 1854 Marylebone, London, d. Aft 1940, Known to have been visited by her mother in 1894 in British Colombia Canada (memoirs page 182).      

  5. Stanley Delhi-Force Tytler (b. 21 Jun 1857 Delhi,d 25 Feb 1948 Canada)       

  6. Mabel Tytler b. abt 1860

  7. Maynard Fitzroy Tytler (b 22 Oct 1865 Simla, d 29 Mar 1952 Washington, age 86)        

  8. Effie Constance Tytler (b. 26 Sep 1867)

  9. Harry Christopher Tytler (b 1868 d. abt 1939)    

  10. Kathleen Tytler b. Jan 1871 d. Apr 1871

(Harriet wrote her memoirs when she was between 75 and 77 years old (1903-6). The story was first published in Chambers Journal in 1931 and a more detailed version published in 1986 "An Englishwoman in India; the memoirs of Harriet Tytler 1828-1858" Edited by Anthony Sattin Oxford University Press. In the book she writes of having an elder sister and two elder brothers (p5). There were also two younger sisters and a younger brother referred to. It is mentioned in the book that she had 10 children 8 of which survived.)


Next Generation

Robert Francis Christopher Alexander TYTLER (b 13 Dec 1843 Agra, d 19 Oct 1916 England) on 10 Oct 1867 in Meerut married 19yr Henrietta Maria HILLIARD (b 1848, daughter of John Hilliard)


Frederick John Lucas TYTLER b. 1849 d 1912 married Helen Maud BOYER b 1871 d. 1942, children:

  1. Muriel TYTLER (b 1892 d 1980)

  2. Eric TYTLER b 1900 d 1937

Edith Mary Gillies TYTLER (b 27 Jun 1854 Marylebone, London, d. Aft 1940) at 20yrs on 8 Oct 1874 in Simla married 23yr Livingston THOMPSON (b 1851, son of Livingston Thompson)


Stanley Delhi-Force TYTLER (b. 21 Jun 1857 Delhi, d 25 Feb 1948 Canada) married  Hester Ellen MELHUISH  


Harry Christopher TYTLER (b 1868, d abt 1939) at 26yrs on 14 Mar 1894 in Surrey England, married 25yr Florence Mai READ (b 1869, daughter of Robert Arthur Read)


Next Generation

Muriel TYTLER (b 1892 d 1980) married. Duncan E LAMONT (b 1882 d. 1963)


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