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info from NANCY LILLY <cyann14@hotmail.com> Tx, USA. Charles Harold Fernandes was God-father to my dad (Claude Rixon) in 1915. His wife was possibly Nina (could be a nickname) Rixon. Children were possibly Eric, Ulric and Minnie. Last known location of family was in Ajmer, India during WWII. The Rixon family has lost all contact with this branch.


?? FERNANDES married ??, children:

  1. Charles Harold Fernandes

Next Generation

Charles Harold FERNANDES of Ajmer, married Nina RIXON, children:

  1. Eric

  2. Ulric

  3. Minnie


Charles FERNANDES married Elizabeth ?, children:

  1. Theresa Fernandes (b 20 May 1869 Bangalore)

  2. Charles Edward Fernandes (b 10 Jan 1873 Bangalore)



?? FERNANDES married ??, children:

  1. Austin Fernandes

Next Generation

Austin FERNANDES married Gwendoline BROWN (reside in Bandra, Bombay), Children:

  1. Mary Ann Fernandes

  2. Sunil Fernandes

  3. Arun Charles Fernandes


info from Daphne ADAMSON  daphneadamson@gmail.com

?? FERNANDES married ??, children:

  1. Sharon Fernandes

Next Generation

Sharon FERNANDES married Carlton ADAMSON



info from  Tennile Goves goves@optusnet.com.au

?? FERNANDES married ??, children:

  1. Mary Fernandes

Next Generation

Mary FERNANDES married Jim GOVES, children:

  1. Errol GOVES

  2. Vivian Michael GOVES (studied at Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong. Immigrated to Perth in 1969)

  3. Keith GOVES


info from Wayne David waynesgonenextdoor@hotmail.com

?? FERNANDES married ??, children:

  1. Myrtle Fernandes

Next Generation

Myrtle FERNANDES married Bernard Oscar REBEIRO, Children:

  1. Mervyn Rebeiro married Dean Fernandes

  2. Avril Rebeiro

  3. Glynn Rebeiro

  4. Vivian Rebeiro

Next Generation

Mervyn REBEIRO married Dean FERNANDES,  children -

  1. Chester Dominic Rebeiro

  2. Basil Oscar Rebeiro

Vivian REBEIRO married Heather FERNANDESchildren -

  1. Conrad Victor Rebeiro

  2. Honerine Jennifer Rebeiro


info from chefnigel@yahoo.co.uk

?? FERNANDES married ??, children:

  1. Lydia FERNANDES

Next Generation

Lydia FERNANDES married Franklyn D'SOUZA, Children:

  1. Ryan D'souza

  2. Nigel D'souza

  3. Llewellyn D'souza


info from Dale Peacock  dalepeacock@yahoo.com & patricia_peacock@greyindia.com

Vanessa FERNANDES married  Geoffrey PEACOCK, Children:  

  1. Dylan Peacock

  2. Sean Peacock


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