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info from Linda

?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Murdoch Brown

Next Generation

Murdoch BROWN b. 1750 Edinburgh, Scotland married in 1790 India possibly to Eliza KING.  He died Tellicherry 1828. (Born at Edinburgh, 1750, Murdoch left Scotland for Lisbon merely for the voyage, but never returned : found work at Lisbon, made his way through Europe : in 1775 went out as Consul to Calicut for the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria : engaged in trade, of which Jonathan Duncan, Governor of Bombay, wrote, 1792, as the most considerable of any British subject on that side of India : he lost eleven ships, East Indiamen, of 1,000 tons or more in the war with France : in 1798 he took over from Government as a plantation ""Five Tarras of Randaterra"" (The Anjrakandy estate) in Malabar : was granted, in 1802, a 99 years' lease, being the earliest English landholder in India : the natives regarded him as their Raja : none but the lowest caste would work on the estate, which was wasted by war : he educated his tenants and Christianized them by native catechists and German missionaries, raising them in the scale of civilization : he spoke seven European and five or six Oriental languages : died at Tellicherry, 1828.)  The couple had the following children:

  1. Francis Samuel Caranac BROWN b. 1792 d. 1868 Author - looking for marriage and descendants. Born at Mahé, Nov. 10, 1792 : son of Murdoch Brown (q.v.) : educated in England and France (where he was detained at the rupture of the peace of Amiens) : joined the 80th foot : Lieutenant and A.D.C. : retired on half pay to help his father manage the Anjrakandy estate : J. P. : returned to Europe, 1838 : was an active member of the committee of the ""British India Society"    

  2. Maria Jane BROWN b. circa 1792

  3. Caroline BROWN b. circa 1792

  4. Eliza Agnew BROWN b. 1795 d. 1835

  5. Agnes BROWN

  6. Julia Wilkinson BROWN d. 1844

Murdoch BROWN had another two sons with another woman ??:

  1. John BROWN

  2. George BROWN

Looking for the marriages and descendants of these two sons, or any information on Murdoch BROWN who was a Merchant and owned the Plantation at Anjarakandy.


Next Generation

Maria Jane BROWN b. circa 1792 married in 1810 in Bombay,  Lt. Col. John LUDLOW, Bengal establishment (b. 1778 Romsey, Hants, Eng.)


Caroline BROWN b. circa 1792, in 1813 married  Joachim Marcus da SILVA b. 1796. Joachim was the Chief of Police in Mahe.


Eliza Agnew BROWN b. 1795 d. 1835 married in 1814 in Bengal Gordon FORBES b. 1783 Ham, Surrey


Agnes BROWN married in 1809 in Calicut Maj. Gen. Richard Augustus WILLIS b. c. 1783 Constantinople, Turkey


Julia Wilkinson BROWN d. 1844 married in 1815 Thomas ALLPORT (a Merchant b 1787 d 1854 - No issue)



info from Cheryl-Ann

?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. William Brown

Next Generation

William BROWN  married   ?, Children:

  1. William Brown (b1818 in Newcastle-upon-Tyre ;  d. 08.01.1860)

  2. Other siblings unknown

Next Generation:

William BROWN married Eliza LOW (b 1832 ; daughter of Richard Low), Children:

  1. William Henry Brown (b. probably in 1849 in Bangalore)

  2. Other siblings unknown

Next Generation:

William Henry BROWN married Alice Augusta RISHWORTH (on 10.02.1881 in Maulmain), Children:





  5. CHARLES RISHWORTH BROWN (b.27.10.1895 or 16.11.1895 at Trichy)


Next Generation:

Charles Rishworth BROWN (b1895 at Trichy) married Josephine Caroline D’CRUZ (a widow, nee DAWSON on 22.10.1924 at Trichy.), Children (1 and 2 born of Josephine Caroline’s first marriage)

  1. Maurice D’Cruz married Vanessa Mildred   ?, Children: Blondel D’Cruz, Thelma D’Cruz

  2. Millicent D’Cruz married Cyril ROSS (Children: Craig Ross, June Ross, Josephine Ross)

  3. Adolphus Brown

  4. Hazel Brown

  5. Ronald Brown

  6. Gwendoline Brown

  7. Basil Brown

  8. Donovan Brown (bachelor)  (resides in Villupuram)

  9. Frederick Brown (died in childhood)

  10. Dudley Rishworth Brown  (b.1938 ; d. 15.01.2001)

  11. Noel Brown

  12. Judaline Brown

Next Generation:

Adolphus Brown married  ??   (reside in Adelaide, Australia), Children :

  1. Owen Brown

  2. Jane Brown

  3. Betty Brown

Hazel BROWN married Denzil BREWTY  (reside in Villupuram, India), Children:

  1. Marlene Brewty

  2. Roselind Brewty

  3. Charles Brewty

  4. Joan Brewty

  5. Jennifer Brewty

Ronald BROWN married Beryl ? (both deceased and buried at Villupuram), No Issues

Gwendoline BROWN married Austin FERNANDES  (reside in Bandra, Bombay), Children:

  1. Mary Ann Fernandes

  2. Sunil Fernandes

  3. Arun Charles Fernandes

Noel Brown married  ? (reside at Tambaram, Madras), Children:

  1. Josephine Brown

  2. Brian Brown

  3. ?

Judaline Brown married Fewtin HURTIS  (reside at Chrompet, Madras), Children :

  1. Sabrina Hurtis

  2. Geraldine Hurtis

Dudley Rishworth BROWN, on 27th June 1964 at Villupuram, Tamil Nadu) married Hyacinth Patricia HENDERSON, Children:

  1. Cheryl-Ann Gerardine Brown

  2. Hayley Caroline Brown

Next Generation

Owen Brown married Pam  ?  (reside in Adelaide, Australia), Children:

  1. Shaun Brown

  2. Cheryl-Ann Brown

Cheryl-Ann Gerardine BROWN married M.P.SHIVAN (on 14-01-1991 at Pondicherry), children:

  1. Rhea Cheryl Shivan (b1992)

  2. Zoe Karishma Shivan (b1997)

Hayley Caroline Brown married R.BIPIN (on 30-06-1993 at Pondicherry) (currently residing at Ipswich, England)

  1. Sasha Ruth Bipin (b1994)

  2. Kyle Tarun Bipin (b2003)


?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Jacob Brown

Next Generation

Jacob BROWN married ?, children:

  1. Wilhelmina Brown (b 1851)

Next Generation

Wilhelmina BROWN (b 1851) at 18yrs on 17 Jun 1869 in Fort William married 27yr James HUXLEY (b 1842, son of Daniel Huxley)



?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. George Wharton Brown

Next Generation

George Wharton BROWN married ?, children:

  1. Henry Wharton Brown (b 1870)

Next Generation

Henry Wharton BROWN (b 1870) at 23yrs on 31 Jul 1893 in Bhusaval married 21yr Mary Muttialu (b 1872 daughter of Ramasisaiu), children:

  1. Esther Mabel Brown (b 1899)

Next Generation

Esther Mabel BROWN (b 1899) at 30yrs on 18 Dec 1929 in Igatpuri married 30yr Henry John WARREN (b 1899 son of Henry Jack Warren)



info from Linda

?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. George Brown

Next Generation

George BROWN (b ?, d. before 1882) married Caroline Louise D'SILVA b. 1841( looking for any children of theirs and his parents.)  


Caroline Louise BROWN nee D'SILVA ( b. 1841) married John RAFFIN in 1882 - looking for any descendants to this couple.



info supplied by Polly Hamilton

? BROWN, Hotel Keeper, Retired Gentleman In 1881, Markinch), married  3/1/1843 Elizabeth GALLOWAY (Birth  Dec 1818, Birth Place: Markinch, Fife, Scotland, Death Date: 29 Mar 1893, Death Place: Kinforthan House, Markinch, Occupation: Retired Lady In 1881 Census, Markinch),  Children: 

  1. John Brown, 

  2. Agnes Brown (b1849), 

  3. Margaret Brown (b1848 Markinch, Fife, Scotland), 

  4. George Brown (b1852),  

  5. Helen Brown (b1855, Markinch, Fife, Scotland)

Helen BROWN (b1855, Markinch, Fife, Scotland) married 15 Jul 1879 Andrew ROBERTSON (b1854, Markinch, Fife, Scotland, Chemist And Druggist), Children:

  1. Elizabeth Robertson (b1880 Markinch, Fife, Scotland).



?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Sophia Matilda Brown

Next Generation

Sophia Matilda BROWN b. 1864 married Adrian Dunstan D'COSTA married 8 Feb 1888 Cannanore, Madras. They had 3 known children:

  1. Charles Adrian D'COSTA b. 1888 Calicut, Madras

  2. Helen Grace D'COSTA b. 1890 Vepery, Madras

  3. Alice Maud Irene D'COSTA b. 1892 Madras


info from Lorraine Waters

Any help with tracing their lives in India would be appreciated. Lorraine Waters

?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Edgar Titus Brown (born 1899 Benaras)

Next Generation

Edgar Titus BROWN (station master at Jhansi railway station, born 1899 Benaras) married Grace Rebecca ALCHIN, (family left India in 1948) children:

  1. Peter Brown (b ? d 1990)

  2. Margaret Brown (b ? d 2005)

  3. Lorraine Brown

  4. Elaine Brown

  5. Ivor Brown (Twin)

  6. Christopher Brown (Twin b ? d 1994)

Next Generation

Lorraine BROWN married ?? WATERS



info from Carolyn David . I'm trying to trace relatives on the Godfrey and Hitchcock sides of the family as far back as I can. If anyone would like to contact me, they may do so at the coordinates below. Thank you very much, Carolyn David


?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth Brown

Next Generation

Elizabeth BROWN (b 1892, d May 19, 1986) on December 21, 1910, married Harry James GODFREY (b 1882, d Jan. 4, 1961). Their children:

  1. Olive Selena Godfrey (b 1911, d Nov. 28, 2003)

  2. Clifford Godfrey b 1915

  3. Lancy Godfrey b1918 (now deceased)

  4. Desmond Godfrey b1924 (moved to the U.K.)

  5. Irene Godfrey b1913 (moved to the U.K.)


info from

?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Virgie Brown

Next Generation

Virgie BROWN (Alandur, St.Thomas Mount) married Leslie MEAGHER (St. Thomas Mount, Madras)   Has 6 Children:

  1. Bella Meagher

  2. Lulu Meagher

  3. Hyacinth Meagher

  4. Vally Meagher

  5. Jenny Meagher

  6. Ian Meagher


info from

?? BROWN married  ??, children :

  1. Christopher Egbert Ivan BROWN (b1915, Kolar Gold Fields, d 24/5/1996 Brisbane.)

Next Generation

Christopher Egbert Ivan BROWN (b1915, Kolar Gold Fields, d 24/5/1996 Brisbane. Studied at St. Joseph's Boys High School, Bangalore. Former Deputy Superintendent of Police, Bangalore/Mysore. Was the recipient of the President's Police Medal. Also worked at Luton Airport Security Services and Lion Brewery Security, Auckland, New Zealand - before retiring to live with his family in Brisbane, Australia.) married Gwendoline Theodora HALL, children:

  1. Veronica Brown

  2. Priscilla Brown

  3. Christina Brown


info submitted by

? BROWN married ?, children:

  1. Daisy Brown

  2. Doris Brown

  3. Neville Brown

  4. Maureen Brown

  5. Clary Brown

  6. Donald Brown

  7. Ashley Brown

Next Generation

Daisy BROWN married Albert HENDRICKS, Daisy is sister of Doris Woods (Neville, Maureen, Clary, Donald, Ashley(, Flory Shires( uncle Charlie, Noel, Oscar, Reggie, Tony, Harold), sister in law of Pansy Brown ( Derek, Ivy, Cynthia, John, Gordon, Hazel), Children of Daisy and Albert Hendricks, 

  1. Malcolm HENDRICKS

  2. Horace HENDRICKS (b1924 Bangalore Karnataka)


?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Henry Sydney Brown

Next Generation

Henry Sydney BROWN on 14 Dec 1900 in Bombay married Elizabeth NORRIS, (daughter of William Norris), children:

  1. Sydney Albert Norris Brown (b 9 Dec 1901 Umballa)

  2. Archibald Cyril Norris Brown (b 5 Apr 1903 Dagshai)

  3. Winifred Dora Norris Brown (b 1 Apr 1909 Cuttack)


?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. John Aloysius Chisholm BROWN

Next Generation

John Aloysius Chisholm BROWN married Ivy Mary ?, children:

  1. Reuben Arthur Brown (b 28 Jan 1910, c 8 Feb 1910 Perambur, d 7 Apr 1929 Negapatnam)

  2. James Terence Brown (b 7 Nov 1911, c 15 Nov 1911 Perambur)

  3. Ivy Mary Brown (b 14 Aug 1913, c 29 Aug 1913 Nellore)

  4. Joseph Cyril Norris Brown (b 14 May 1915 Bitragunta)

Next Generation

Joseph Cyril Norris BROWN (b 14 May 1915 Bitragunta) married Muriel Margaret SIMMONS (b 17 Jul 1931)



?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Alice Brown

Next Generation

Alice BROWN married George LONG, children : 

  1. Coral Edith Long (Nurse at Madras), 

  2. Bertram Long 

  3. Alice Long


?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. John Thomas Brown

Next Generation

John Thomas BROWN married ?, children:

  1. Enitts Norma Brown (b 1922)

Next Generation

Enitts Norma BROWN (b 1922) at 21yrs on 15 Dec 1943 in Northampton, Madras married 24yr William Henry GODDARD (b 1919 son of George Goddard)



?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Ernest Samuel Brown

Next Generation

Ernest Samuel BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Marjorie Teresa Brown

Next Generation

Marjorie Teresa BROWN on 19 May 1937 in Bombay married Gerald Albert William BALLANTINE, (son of Ronald Ramsay Ballantine) children : 

  1. Pamela Edith Ballantine (b1938, Bombay), 

  2. Aubrey Ernest Ballantine 

  3. Judith Rosaline Ballantine (b1945, Bombay)


Info supplied by Tina Vanspall

?? BROWN married ??, children:

  1. Monica Brown

Next Generation

Monica BROWN (from Delhi), married John VANSPALL of Madras : children :  

  1. Tina Vanspall

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