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?? FITZGERALD married ??, children:

  1. Daphne Fitzgerald

Next Generation

Daphne FITZGERALD married Alfred (Alfie) TATHAM (b 1920 )children:

  1. Wyn Tatham. (lives in Perth)


Info supplied by Alister FULLER  & Rory Hendricks


George Dean FITZGERALD married (1st marriage) Constance ???, children: 


George Dean FITZGERALD married (2nd marriage) Ruth ???, Had two sons - 

  1. Gerald George FITZGERALD 

  2. Ernest George FITZGERALD

Next Generation

Gerald George FITZGERALD married Mercy Sybil HENDRICKS (born 1916) children:

  1. Conrad Fitzgerald (born)

  2. Tyrone Fitzgerald (born)

  3. Martin Fitzgerald (born)

  4. Helen Fitzgerald (born 9/8/?)

  5. Marlene Fitzgerald (born  )

     info from Rory Hendricks

Ernest George FITZGERALD married Teresa Marie FIGREDO on 28/5/1941, 4 children:

  1. Merlyn Marie Fitzgerald Born 17th April 1942

  2. Jean Josephine Fitzgerald Born 5th April 1948

  3. Cyrus Joseph Fitzgerald Born 7th February 1950

  4. Jude Joseph Fitzgerald Born 6th September 1953

Next Generation

Conrad Fitzgerald (born) married Ada FIGREDO, children:

  1. Ray Fitzgerald ,

  2. David Fitzgerald,

  3. Ryan Fitzgerald

Tyrone Fitzgerald (born) married Jean CLEUR children:

  1. Roger Fitzgerald married Candy...

Martin Fitzgerald (born) married Patti CLEUR children:

  1. Gail - Ann Fitzgerald

Marlene Fitzgerald (born  ) married Wally RAYMOND children:

  1. Belinda Raymond,

  2. Caroline Raymond,

  3. Brandon Raymond

Merlyn Marie FITZGERALD Born 17th April 1942 married Phillip Anthony HUTT on 9th August 1975, 2 children:

  1. Leslie James Anthony HUTT Born 27th July 1976

  2. Raymond Ernest Anthony HUTT Born 20th June 1980

Jean Josephine FITZGERALD  married  Leslie John DOUYERE (AKA)(John Douyere) on 8th June 1971, 1 child:

  1. Michelle Anne Douyere (born 9th April 1972) married Cameron Bendschneider on 28th April 1996

Cyrus Joseph FITZGERALD Born 7th February 1950 married Germaine ROZARIO on not sure of date but was in year 1979 had 1 child 

  1. Melissa Rosemary Fitzgerald Born 28th April 1982 Divorced 1984. 

Cyrus Joseph FITZGERALD Born 7th February 1950, 2nd Marriage to Jasintha ANTHONY on 9th September 1989,1 child 

  1. Daniel Fitzgerald Born 9th January 1990

Jude Joseph FITZGERALD Born 6th September 1953 married Jean Neeves on 24th March 1984, 2 children:

  1. Ernest Fitzgerald Born 28th July 1985

  2. Jarryd Fitzgerald Born 18th September 1989


I would really like to trace Fitzgeralds from 1st marriage to Constance. Les HUTT 



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