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info from Ashton Pereira  ashtonjpereira@gmail.com

?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Delphine Doris Raymond

Next Generation

Delphine Doris RAYMOND (b 1971 Vizag, India) married David Bruce PEREIRA. Their children are:

  1. Ashton Jude Pereira (b 1992 Melbourne, Australia)

  2. Kimberley Pereira (b 1994 Melbourne, Australia)

  3. Simone Pereira (b 1999 Melbourne, Australia)

  4. Marcus James Pereira (b 2004 Melbourne, Australia)

  5. Damien John Pereira (b 2011 Melbourne, Australia)


info from Ashton Pereira  ashtonjpereira@gmail.com

?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Christine Valerie Raymond

Next Generation

Christine Valerie RAYMOND (b 1975 Vizag, India) married Rocksten Jude PEREIRA . Their children are:

  1. Leon Jude Pereira (b 1997 Melbourne, Australia)

  2. Rachel Pereira (b 1998 Melbourne, Australia)

  3. Brooke Pereira (b 2003 Melbourne, Australia)


?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Melroy Anthony Raymond (b 1938 Rajahmundry)

Next Generation

Melroy Anthony RAYMOND (b/1938 Rajahmundry) married Karen Beatrice ROZARIO (b/1943 Tangasserri, Children :

  1. Desiree A Raymond (b/1969 Madras)

  2. Dave C Raymond (b/1971 Madras)

Next Generation :

Desiree A Raymond
(b/1969 Madras) married Leslie A LOPEZ (b/1964 Villupuram), Children :

  1. Amanda Lopez (b/1998 Madras)

  2. Drue Lopez (b/2003 Bangalore)

Next Generation :

Dave C. Raymond (b/1971 Madras) married Gillian ??, children :

1. Paige Raymond (b/2009 Bangalore)



info from Brinal Nigli <bmnigli@hotmail.com>

?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Brinal Matilda M Raymond (b 1953, Rajahmundry, India)

Next Generation

Brinal Matilda M RAYMOND (b 1953, Rajahmundry, India) married Marcel J James NIGLI (b 1952 Belgaum, India) - worked in the Saudi Arabia for 4 years and moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada in 1977. Moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1990. 2 Children:

  1. Lorenzo J NIGLI (Male - b 1978, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada)

  2. Adrienne S NIGLI (Female - b 1981, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada)


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?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Hazel Raymond

Next Generation

Hazel RAYMOND married Samuel Trevor Leslie ELLIS. Children:

  1. Ryan Ellis

  2. Wayne Ellis,

  3. Samantha Ellis.


info from Ronald Percival Snell redrufus01@msn.com

?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Josh Raymond

Next Generation

Josh RAYMOND of Poona married Sandra Venetia SNELL and have two kids -

  1. Jason Herbert Raymond

  2. Katrina Victoria Raymond


info from Maureen David (nee Aitkins) maureendavidonline3@yahoo.com

?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth Raymond

Next Generation
Elizabeth RAYMOND (widow) married William POOLE 1838 or 1839 in St. Mark's Cathedral, Bangalore. They had 2 children (daughters):

  1. Wilhelmina Poole (elder) married Charles Rivers-Jones. 1 son Terrance Jones.

  2. Mable Hilda Alice Poole (born 1870's Bangalore/Madras?) married Stark Kenneth Aitkins.  4 sons.


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?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Anastasia Raymond (b 1936)

  2. Maggie Raymond

Next Generation

Anastasia RAYMOND (Annette) (b 1936) married Cyril SATUR, children:

  1. Grenville Satur (b. Jul 1938)

  2. Constance Satur (b. 1940, d. 1983)

  3. Owen Satur (b. 1942)

  4. Ivor Satur (b. 1946)

  5. Jennifer Satur (b. 1954)

  6. Carmel Satur (b.1955)

       (info from Ivor Satur megsatur@yahoo.com )

Maggie RAYMOND married Fred SATUR, children:



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?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Wilfred Raymond

  2. Eric Wilfred Raymond

  3. Ivan Aloyius Raymond (b 1929)

  4. Ronald Trevor Raymond (b 1932)

Next Generation

Wilfred Raymond married Teresa Agnes D'Lemos (b 1925 )


Eric Wilfred Raymond married June Travis  on April 1960, children:

  1. Paul Eric Raymond (b 1961)

  2. David Raymond (b 1963)

Ronald Trevor Raymond (b 2/10/1932) married Belinda Greta Jepson (b 26/9/1939) on  27th June 1959, children:

  1. Beverley Anne Raymond (b 1960)

  2. Jordan Anne Raymond (b ? 1984)

  3. Mark Trevor Raymond (b 1963)


info from Geraldine Raymond (nee Roberts) gerwal@mantraonline.com 

?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Aloysius RAYMOND (b1917, d2002)

Next Generation

Aloysius RAYMOND (b1917, d/2002) married Rita THOMPSON (b1920), children:

  1. Lorna Raymond (b1946)

  2. Walter Raymond (b1948)

Walter RAYMOND married Geraldine Ann ROBERTS (b1952), children :

  1. Evita Dionne Raymond (b1987)

  2. Kirsten Dominic Raymond (b1990)


(info supplied by Gilbert Raymond )smallchange@paradise.net.nz 

?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Henry RAYMOND (born 1823)

Next Generation

Henry RAYMOND (born 1823) married 26/9/1855 Jessie Anastasia D’ARACHY (born 1836), children

  1. Willoughby Appleton Raymond (11/9/1873)

Willoughby Appleton RAYMOND (b1873) married 4/10/1899 Jane Louise Lillian RINGROSE (b1881, d1906), children

  1. Henry Aloysius Raymond (b1900), 

  2. Cecil Patrick Raymond b1902, 

  3. Sybil Mary Raymond b1904.

Willoughby Appleton RAYMOND (born 11/9/1873), 2nd marriage, Ethel Jane LAZARO.


Willoughby Appleton RAYMOND (born 11/9/1873), 3rd marriage, Lillian Mary LAZARO.


Henry Aloysius RAYMOND (born 9/10/1900, died 2/9/1979) married 8/1/1930 Ann GREEN (born 3/10/1908, died 2/1/1972), children :

  1. Cecil Raymond

  2. Sheila Raymond

  3. Peter Raymond

  4. Jeanne Raymond

  5. Gilbert Raymond

  6. Wendy Raymond


?? RAYMOND married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Raymond

Next Generation

Alfred RAYMOND married Beatrice (Betty) ARUNDALE, children:

  1. Cyrus RAYMOND

  2. Vanessa RAYMOND

Next Generation

Cyrus RAYMOND married Loretta COSTELLO


Vanessa RAYMOND married Dr. Bang BUI


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