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info from louis Ralph Barrows

?? GALIBARDY married ??, children:

  1. Carmen Terese GALIBARDY (b1931)

Next Generation

 Carmen Terese GALIBARDY (b1931) on 19/12/1951 in Calcutta,  India married Herbert Chester BARROWS, 4 Children:

  1. Louis Ralph (b Jamshedpur 1952, Migrated to Australia 1968.)

  2. Maria Ellen (b1954)

  3. Andre Claude (b1956)

  4. Lionel Chester (b1959).


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?? GALIBARDY married ??, children:

  1. Emmanuel GALIBARDY

Next Generation

Emmanuel GALIBARDY married Helen PHAUR, children:

  1. Marcel Galibardy (b ? d 1981)

  2. George Galibardy

  3. Therese Galibardy married Jerry Gade

  4. Joseph Galibardy

Next Generation

Marcel Galibardy (b ? d 1981) married Aileen ?? (b ? d 1992), 3 daughters:

  1. Carol Galibardy married Peter Butkus,

  2. Angela Galibardy married Keith Wright, and had three children
        (1) Mark Wright, now 32 years old, married to Emmanuelle, with a son, Luc, who is two and a half years old, all living in Essex
        (2) Dawn McDonaugh nee Wright (now 28 years old, married to Gary McDonagh, with a son, Michael, who is two and a half, and a daughter, Emma (b. 16 November 2007), all living in Kent.
        (3) Keith Wright, now 25 years old, married to Jen, with a son, Joseph, who is one and a half years old, all living in Kent.

  3. Christine Galibardy now living in Cyprus married to Suvvas, with three children: Zoe, Andros and Vassos

George Galibardy married Hermine ??, had 4 children:

  1. Bruce,

  2. Heather,

  3. Brian,

  4. Robert

Joe GALIBARDY married Merlyn SUTTON, children:

  1. Marlene Galibardy married Lloyd Swinton

  2. Glen Galibardy

  3. Andre Galibardy

  4. Neville Galibardy married Jackie Robinson

  5. Bernadette Galibardy married Fred Bibby

  6. Sandra Galibardy

  7. Gordon Galibardy married ?,  now living in Perth Australia

                  (info from Marlene Swinton )

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