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(Some believe the points of the compass played a part in the selection of this particular surname during medieval times. Sutton is ostensibly a local surname, and is derived from either ‘a southern/south-facing farm’, or ‘to the south of the farm or village’. It can often be a settlement that is situated to the south of a larger one. Almost every English county has a place name with the prefix Sutton – Sutton Coldfield in Warwickshire, or Sutton Montis in Somerset. It is from the Anglo-Saxon words, ‘sudh’, meaning south, and ‘tun’, meaning town. The name of Ketel de Suttune appeared in the Domesday Book of Lincolnshire, England in 1086, while Alnod Suttune was recorded the same year in Cambridge. Records also exist for a Johannes de Sutton in York, in 1379. The surname Sutton emerged as a notable family name in the county of Nottingham. Many junior branches of this prolific family acquired many estates, during the medieval period, including Norwood Park, Scofton, West Retford, Kelham and Averham in Nottingham. Among the offices held were the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland and Speaker of the House of Commons. Outstanding among the family at this time was Hervey of Sutton, first Lord of Sutton upon Trent. Although the name is nationwide, the main centres for the Sutton surname are Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and parts of Norfolk and Wiltshire. Aside from the fore mentioned public figures, most notable was Sir Richard Sutton, a co-founder of Brasenose College, Oxford (date of birth unknown; d. September or October, 1524).   )


info from Aliesha Sutton

?? SUTTON married ??, children:

  1. Ronald Sutton

Next Generation

Ronald SUTTON married Christina RIDER:

  1. Aliesha Sutton.


info submitted 26/1/2002 by Jennifer Thomas

?? SUTTON married ??, children:

  1. Frederic Sutton (b 27/6/1814. Occupation, Butcher)

Next Generation

Frederic SUTTON (b 27/6/1814. Occupation, Butcher) married on 12/5/1845 at Sandy, Bedford, UK,  Mary Ann RICHARDSON, children:

  1. Frederick Henry Sutton (b1846 at Sandy, Sub. District of  Potton in the County of Bedford, UK.. GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE, SOMERSET HOUSE, LONDON, Application Number P.A. S.71054/62/f, Registered.27th May 1846  R. Barker. Registrar B.C.314077)

Next Generation

Frederick Henry SUTTON married in 1868,  Sarah Madeline (Madge) HILTON (b 5/2/1847, Allahabad, West Bengal), children:

  1. Frederick Henry Sutton B/26th Sept 1869 in Allahabad West Bengal

  2. Jane Sarah Sutton b/8th October 1870 .

  3. Lily Maude Sutton B/31st October 1873  in Allahabad West Bengal

  4. Nellie Matilda Sutton B/ 13th November 1876 in Allahabad. West Bengal

  5. Edward William Sutton B/ 31st Aug 1879  in Allahabad. West Bengal married Kate ?.

  6. Joseph Ronald Sutton B/5th Dec 1880  in Allahabad. West Bengal

  7. Frank Sutton B/ 11 April 1882   in  Allahabad. West Bengal.

  8. Ralph Sutton B/17 March  1885 in Allahabad. West Bengal.( more widely known as Paddy)

Next Generation

Frederick Henry SUTTON (b 26th Sept 1869) on 26 May 1890 in Allahabad West Bengal married Louisa Rose WOODWARD . Children:

  1. Ellen Jane Sutton (b 1 Nov 1892 Tundla)

  2. Philis Elsie Sutton (b 13 Sep 1897 Asansol)

  3. James Woodward Sutton (b 4 Jun 1902 Asansol)

Lillian Maud SUTTON (b31/10/1873, Allahabad West Bengal) married William Gowland William CARTER. They had two children

  1. Eric Frederick Carter

  2. Myrtle Carter

Edward William SUTTON B/ 31st Aug 1879  in Allahabad. West Bengal married Kate ?., children:

  1. Harold Sutton

Joseph Ronald SUTTON (born 5/12/1880 in Lucknow, driver in EI Railway) married Leoline Madge STACEY (born 24/12/1886 in Dhanbad) (My grandfather and grandmother Joseph Ronald and Leonie Stacey had 8 children, another son and daughter both deceased names unknown except that the boy was called Muggens and passed away in Adra. Jennifer Thomas)

  1. Nellie Enid Sutton,

  2. Walter Ivan Sutton, 

  3. Mervyn Ernest Sutton (Bunoo, my dad, Born 2nd of June 1909 in Jubbalpore. Central Province),

  4. Frederick Sutton (Kelly),

  5. Olive Sutton,

  6. Thelma Sutton (Cocoa).

Ralph (Paddy) SUTTON married Effie BILLINGS , had 5 children:

  1. Charlie Sutton (Deceased)

  2. Frederick Sutton, 

  3. Phyllis Sutton, 

  4. Merlyn Sutton (born Chakardharpur Bihar B.N.Rly on 27.01.1922.)

  5. Frank Sutton. (Deceased)

Next Generation

Frederick SUTTON married Kathleen HARDING (nee GILLESPIE), they had 2 children, 

  1. Shirley Sutton (Deceased) 

  2. Lionel Sutton.

Phyllis SUTTON married Cyril CLARKE, they had 2 children: 

  1. Heather Sutton, 

  2. Kevin Sutton

Merlyn SUTTON (b Chakardharpur Bihar B.N.Rly 1922.) married Joe GALIBARDY, children:

  1. Marlene Galibardy married Lloyd Swinton

  2. Glen Galibardy

  3. Andre Galibardy

  4. Neville Galibardy married Jackie Robinson

  5. Bernadette Galibardy married Fred Bibby

  6. Sandra Galibardy

  7. Gordon Galibardy married now living in Perth Australia

                  (info from Marlene Swinton )

Frank SUTTON married Norma SETH, they had 2 children : 

  1. Brenda Sutton 

  2. Bruce Sutton

Nellie Enid SUTTON married Donald Zscherpel, children:

  1. Eric Zscherpel (deceased)

  2. Iona Zscherpel.

Walter Ivan SUTTON married Louise VENGEANCE, children:

  1. Mervyn Joseph Sutton  (b 1930 India. d 2002 Sydney. Australia) 

  2. Yvonne Sutton

  3. Carlyle Sutton

  4. William Sutton

Mervyn Ernest SUTTON (better known as (Bunoo) went to the Far Eastern games at Tokyo in 1930 to represent India, and later as in 1932 he captained the Olympic Team to Los Angeles and was ranked the 7th best Hurdler in the world) married Pansy Ellen WILLIAMS (born 2nd Sept 1906 in Mandla. Central Province, was a Teacher in all sphere's of life. No child could have wished for or been blessed by a finer example of a Mother and friend, all that she was she passed down to her children, grandchildren and great grand children. She knew the true meaning of "unconditional love," lived it and practiced it every moment of her life), 7 children :

  1. John Lindsay Sutton (b1935 Calcuttal, d 2008),

  2. Wendell James Sutton (born 7th Nov 1936 in Chakradharpur. Bihar. Bengal, Nagpur, Rly), 

  3. Neil Andrew Sutton (born 29th April 1938 in Chakradharpur.   Bihar. B.N.Rly...) ,

  4. Jennifer Anne Sutton (born 13th March 1940 in Chakradharpur. Bihar. B.N.Rly),

  5. Rodion Augustus Sutton (born 14th July 1942 in Chakardharpur. Bihar. B.N.Rly), 

  6. Roger Ledley Sutton (born 8th May 1942 in Chakardharpur. Bihar B.N.Rly,deceased 1949 ),

  7. Julian Campbell Sutton (born 23rd October in Chakardharpur. Bihar. B.N.Rly.(deceased-----)

Frederick SUTTON married Enid HARRIS


Olive SUTTON married Eric COX, children:

  1. Patrick Cox (deceased)

  2. Lena Cox

Olive SUTTON married (2nd marriage)  Jack HARRIS (brother of Enid)


Thelma (Cocoa) SUTTON married Douglas BEEBY, children:

  1. Denzil Beeby

  2. Phillip Beeby

Next Generation

Lionel Sutton married Veronica Lustenberger and had 2 children,

  1. Michelle Sutton (1963) married Mark  Pearson and have 2 children, Ella & George.

  2. Susanne Sutton (1965) married Peter Skelding and have 2 children, Richard & Lauren.

Lionel Sutton remarried, Lynda HARRIS, and had a son

  1. Jonathan Sutton (1984).

      (info from Suzanne & Lionel SUTTON lives in UK & from 2006 in CYPRUS )

Mervyn Joseph SUTTON (born 21st November 1930 India. deceased 1st September 2002 Sydney. Australia) married Estelle BANNISTER had 8 children. 5 daughters 3 sons. 

  1. Faylene Sutton, 

  2. Margaret Sutton, 

  3. Grace Sutton, 

  4. Lynn Sutton,

  5. Jacqueline Sutton,

  6. Gerard Sutton, 

  7. Mark Sutton 

  8. Fabian Sutton

Yvonne SUTTON married Errol HARRIS (deceased) they had 4 children. 3 daughters and a son. 

  1. Patricia Harris, 

  2. Margaret Harris, 

  3. Caroline Harris

  4. Craig Harris

Carlyle SUTTON married Eunice MARTIN in Calcutta India. They had 2 daughters and 4 sons in Perth, Australia.( Carl played Hockey and Soccer professionally in Calcutta for some of  the big teams. He was also a sprinter following in the Sutton family tradition  of Uncle Bunoo, Uncle Kelly and his dad Walter Ivan Sutton (Sonna) Carl's boys have followed in the Sutton sporting line. Boxing. Athletics Rugby (Footy) and cricket Children's names 

  1. Garry Sutton 

  2. Barry Sutton

  3. Warren Sutton

  4. Claudia Sutton

  5. Michelle Sutton

  6. William Sutton 

William SUTTON (Willie) married Shirley Marie SIMMONDS ( from Calcutta). Shirley Marie Sutton nee Simmonds was educated at Loretta Convent Entally. Cambridge Level. We came to Toronto Canada in 1965, and got married in Toronto. We have a daughter Nicole and a son Michael. Willie started his education in Chakhardapur (C,K,P,) Railway school, primary years, and continued secondary at "La Martiniere College" Calcutta, where he completed his Cambridge O-Levels. Played all sports in La Martiniere School, Boxing Rugby, Soccer, Field Hockey and Athletics. Played for Customs in !st Division League Hockey, and had the pleasure of playing briefly with legends like Les Claudius. Four time Olympian and captain and Manager of India's Team. Three times Olympian and Manager of Indian team Grubux Singh, and at least two other olympians and several high potential players like Jimmy Earl, Surrender Singh......... time frame 1960.....1965. Shirley and Willie are now at the most important stage........ retirement phase.....200004/5. children:

  1. Nicole Sutton,  born in Toronto. Canada 1966. married Scot McLeod in Toronto, Canada. They have a son Dayle. Dayle plays Ice Hockey in the Winter and Baseball in the spring/Summer.

  2. Michael John Sutton,  born 1st February 1974 and has a son Justin 9 years old and a girl friend Melanie Atkinson. Justin plays Baseball and has joined our church choir, at Our Lady of Fatima's Parish.

John Lindsay SUTTON (b1935 Calcuttal, d 2008), married Maureen SHOOBRIDGE, Perth. WA, 3 children :

  1. Mervyn John SUTTON (b 1973) and Nui Hassaya Bourkat have a son named Karigan John.(b2005).

  2. Aleisha Marie SUTTON (b 1975)

  3. Donna Janelle SUTTON (b 1976)

Wendell James SUTTON married Verna Colleen MENDIES/PERRIS, 6 children :

  1. Verna Wyn Sutton, 

  2. Wend Lester Sutton, 

  3. Vonda Kaye Sutton, 

  4. Wendell James Sutton (JR), 

  5. Wesley Luc Sutton

  6. Raun Ellis Sutton

Neil Andrew SUTTON married Bernadette Christine WHEELER in England, 3 sons, all residing in Perth WA now ( ) children

  1. Andrew Lloyd Sutton 

  2. Mark Richard Sutton

  3. Kevin Leonard Sutton 

Jennifer Anne SUTTON married Harold Neville THOMAS, 5 children :

  1. Wayne Jude Thomas (deceased), 

  2. Michele Maria Thomas and her partner Simon Moscarda had Emily Joy (b 2008)

  3. Gail Charmaine Thomas,

  4. Jennifer Anne Thomas (JR) 

  5. Kerrilee Melissa Thomas

Rodion Augustus SUTTON married Sylvia Elizabeth TAYLOR, and had 4 children:

  1. Michael Erath Sutton, 

  2. Melinda Elizabeth Sutton

  3. Pansy Ellen Sutton

  4. Walter Augustus Sutton

Next Generation

Faylene SUTTON married Derek DONNELL, Children: 

  1. Corey Donnell

  2. Cheryl Donnell

Margaret SUTTON married Carl PETERS, Children: 

  1. Brendan Peters

  2. Neil Peters

Lynne SUTTON married Douglas HARRIS


Gerard SUTTON married Roslyn MAKERTICH, Children: 

  1. Jesicca Sutton

  2. Michelle Sutton

  3. James Sutton

Mark SUTTON ( ) married Sonnya KAUS, Children: 

  1. Rebecca SUTTON 

  2. Ryan SUTTON 

  3. Emma SUTTON

  4. Claire SUTTON

Jacquline SUTTON married Frank BOSNICH,  Children: 

  1. Rachel Bosnich 

  2. Olivia Bosnich

Fabian SUTTON married Lissa FIELD, Children: 

  1. Lachlan Sutton 

  2. Chloe Sutton

  3. Bailey Sutton

(above info from Mark Sutton )

Nicole SUTTON, born in Toronto. Canada 1966. married Scot McLEOD in Toronto, Canada, They have a son 

  1. Dayle McLeod. Dayle plays Ice Hockey in the Winter and Baseball in the spring/Summer.

Michael John SUTTON (born 1st February 1974) and girl friend Melanie ATKINSON have a son 

  1. Justin Sutton,  9 years old at Nov 2002, plays baseball and has joined our church choir, at Our Lady of Fatima's Parish.

Aleisha Maree SUTTON married Anthony John POWER and had 2 children: 

  1. Dakota Teagon POWER (b 1999)

  2. Declan Jai POWER (b 2001) 

Donna Janelle SUTTON and Chris Stanley CABLE (b 1977) , children: 

  1. Latah Skye CABLE (b 2002)

  2. Boston John Cable.(b2003)

Verna Wyn  SUTTON married Jan HONTER.


Wend Lester SUTTON married Judeline Van HAFTEN and had 3 children:  

  1. Mathew, 

  2. Joshua 

  3. Mary Katherine 

Vonda Kaye SUTTON married Mitchell Todd HASTINGS (U.S.A) and had 3 children, all in the U.S.A  

  1. Jessica, 

  2. Todd Junior (T.J.) 

  3. Jake  .

Michael Erath SUTTON married ?? , had 3 children

  1. Tyrone Sutton 

  2. Kayeisha Ellen Sutton (b1997)

  3. Leon Sutton (b2000)

Melinda Elizabeth SUTTON married Dion Tewano (Maori, N.Z.) Jordan Dion's son, together they had 3 daughter's. 

  1. Acacia Tewano 

  2. Tayla Tewano

  3. Izaya Tewano.

Pansy Ellen SUTTON married Don RICE  and had 2 sons, 

  1. Xaviour Rice  

  2. Elijah Rice

Walter Augustus SUTTON married Donna Pike and had one daughter. 

  1. Jade Sutton




Calven John SUTTON married Lesley Athene MITCHELL , sons

  1. Julian SUTTON

  2. Lewis SUTTON

Information on pages contained in this website have been supplied by family members/researchers for the enjoyment and mutual benefit of all concerned. The Administrator does not vouch for their accuracy.

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