GARLOW Family Tree

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info from Christine D'Rozario

? GARLOW married ?, children:

  1. Charles Edward Garlow

Next Generation
Charles Edward GARLOW (b ?) married Mary Anne D'CRUZ , 1 son:

  1. James Edward Garlow (b 24 June 1882 Bellary)

  2. Grace Mathilda Garlow (b 7 Feb 1884 Bellary)

  3. Charles Alfred Garlow (b 15 Aug 1885 Bellary)

  4. Sophie Garlow (b 1895)

  5. Emilia Garlow (b 1896, d 5 Apr 1898 Bangalore)

  6. Mary Antonia Garlow (b 13 Sep 1898 Bangalore)

  7. John Edwin Garlow (b 20 Jan 1903, d 30 Mar 1903 Bangalore)

  8. Elizabeth Ann Garlow (b 4 Apr 1904 Bngalore)

  9. Elizabeth Antonia Garlow (b 3 Sep 1906 Bangalore)

Next Generation

James Edward GARLOW (b 24 June 1882 Bellary) married Elizabeth Evelyn WARD, children:

  1. Grace Anthony Garlow (b 9 Mar 1909 Kolar Gold Fields)

Charles Alfred GARLOW (b 15 Aug 1885 Bellary) on 20 Feb 1916 in Cannanore married Josephine MILLER (daughter of C Miller), children:

  1. Mary Cecilia Garlow (b 7 Dec 1916 Negapatam)

Sophie GARLOW (b 1895) at 19yrs on 24 Aug 1914 in Champion Reef, Madras, married 26yr Charles WELDON (b 1888 son of Gideon Weldon)


Elizabeth Ann GARLOW (b 4 Apr 1904 Bngalore) at 24yrs on 15 Jun 1927 in Negapatam married 26yr George Valentine RIGLEY (b 1901 son of William Peter Rigley), children:

  1. Joseph Patrick Rigley (b 19 Mar 1928 Negapatam)

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