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?? WARD married ??, children

  1. Jonathan Ward

Next Generation

Jonathan WARD married ?, children:

  1. Marcia Palmer Ward (b 1846)

Next Generation

Marcia Palmer WARD (b 1846) at 16yrs on 1 Aug 1862 in Calcutta married 34yr James SNELL (b 1828 son of William Snell), children:

  1. Eliza Ada Marian Snell (b 15 Oct 1864 Calcutta) on 10 Dec 1878 in Dinapore married Walter Thomas LOVEGROVE (son of Elias Lovegrove)

  2. Arthur Nathaniel Snell (b 7 April 1866 Calcutta)

  3. Ernest Percy Snell (b 25 Oct 1867 Calcutta)

  4. Walter Warde Snell (b 1870, d 22 Jan 1872 Calcutta)


info from Steve Ward <ward.stephen@sky.com

?? WARD married ??, children:

  1. Edmund Ward (born 9/1/1920)?, Chikadarpur)

  2. Stephen Patrick Ward (born 7/2/1949, Reardon's Nursing Home, Calcutta)

  3. Eliot Michael Ward (born 21/1/1982, University College Hospital, London)

  4. Deborah Antoinette Ward (born 21/6/1986, Enfield, Middlesex)

Next Generation

Edmund WARD (b1920)?, Chikadarpur) married Antoinette RYAN (b1918)?, Lucknow)


Stephen Patrick WARD (b1949, Reardon's Nursing Home, Calcutta) married Elaine Susan Lipkin (b1953, Johannesburg, South Africa)



info from Annette Palman annette2802@yahoo.com

?? WARD married ??, children

  1. Isaac Ward

Next Generation

Isaac WARD married Merlin ?? (they lived in Perambur, Madras), children

  1. Walter Ward

  2. Patrick Ward

  3. Anthony Ward

  4. Aureen Ward

  5. many children had died when they were small so don't have details of them.

Next Generation

Walter Ward married Mary ??


Patrick Ward (B ? D ?) married Yvonne ??


Anthony Ward (b ? d ?) married Beatrice NORONHA


Aureen Ward married Joe RICE



info from Christine D'Rozario  cdrozario12@hotmail.com

?? WARD married ??, children:

  1. Walter Herbert Ward (b ?)

Next Generation

Walter Herbert WARD married Georgianna KOLB,1 daughter:

  1. Elizabeth Evelyn Ward

Next Generation

 Elizabeth Evelyn WARD married James Edward GARLOW


info from jktaylor@tassie.net.au Seeking information on the father/parents of William Robert Ernest Taylor (died August 1942) married to childhood sweetheart Caroline Ward (died at 85 in 1959).


?? WARD married ??, children:

  1. Caroline Ward (died, aged 85yrs in 1959)

Next Generation

Caroline WARD (died, aged 85yrs in 1959) married William Robert Ernest TAYLOR (died August 1942).,William Robert was an Engineer who attended Stewart School, Cuttack, Orrisa, as did Caroline, and retired in Gaya. Children:

  1. John William Taylor (Jack), Engineer on Bengal Napur Railway.


?? WARD married ??, children:

  1. Yvonne WARD

Next Generation

Yvonne WARD married Colin MacKINNON (b1933, Lahore), children :

  1. Rosmund MacKINNON (b1958, Bangalore, India)

  2. Cherryl MacKINNON (b1962, Bombay, India)


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