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James GEORGE married ?, children:

  1. Lewis George

Next Generation

Lewis GEORGE widowed on 24 April 1859 in Sattara, Bombay married 15yr Annie Elizabeth BAILIE, (b 1844 daughter of William Bailie) children:

  1. Alfred Lewis George (b 1855, d 2 Jun 1918 Rampore)

  2. Alice Dora Howell George (b 10 Jun 1868 Hyderabad)

  3. Edgar Maxwell George (b 29 Oct 1873 Gogo, Bombay)

  4. Florina Sarah Ellen George

  5. Ewen Garibaldi George

  6. Lilian Elizabeth George

  7. Charles James Reginald George

  8. Stella Veda Louisa George

  9. George Francis George

Next Generation

Alfred Lewis GEORGE (b 1855, d 2 Jun 1918 Rampore) on 27 Oct 1888 in Jubbulpur married 17yr Annie ALLSOP (b 1871 daughter of Edward Allsop), children:

  1. Edward Lewis George (b 27 Jul 1889)

  2. Alfred Louis George (b 4 Dec 1890 Poona)

  3. Richard Lewis George (b 7 Feb 1892 Kamptee)

  4. Cyril Lewis George (b 1901)

  5. William Eustace Lewis George (b 11 Jul 1904 Meiktila)

  6. Benjamin Lewis George (b 23 Oct 1907 Meiktila)

Ewen Garibaldi George married Beatrice Alice ?, children:

  1. Lewis Charles George (b 5 Oct 1900 Kamptee)

Next Generation

Edward Lewis GEORGE (b 27 Jul 1889) at 23yrs on 27 Jun 1912 in Mandalay married 22yr Daisy McCANN (b 1890 daughter of Sam McCann)


Cyril Lewis GEORGE (b 1901) at 26yrs on 9 Nov 1927 in Rangoon married 17yr Millicent Katherine MacDonald (b 1910 daughter of George Donald MacDonald)


Benjamin Lewis GEORGE (b 23 Oct 1907 Meiktila) at 24yrs on 28 May 1932 in Rangoon married 22yr Thelma May CASTOR (b 1910)


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